How to Change the Size of the Icons in the Launcher of my Xiaomi Mobile with MIUI

Xiaomi is one of the smartphone brands that to this day continues to impress us with its new updates, the most recent being Miui 12, with a new and elegant layer of customizations so that you can modify the interface of your phone to your liking, adding or replacing one or another detail.

Personalization in Xiaomi smartphones is very broad, so much so that Miui, the company’s personalization layer, gives you the option to perform almost any appearance modification without any complications.

In addition to the fact that the phones have their own theme application to be able to apply the one of your choice on your Xiaomi smartphone, if you do not have a Xiaomi phone, and you want to have this unique aspect, no problem, enter the following link so you can customize your mobile MIUI style.

One of the modifications that most people would like to make is the icon size customization of the applications, and this option is not offered by all phones, fortunately for you if you have a Xiaomi device, you can change the size of the icon by following a simple series of steps.

How to change the size of the icons in the launcher of my Xiaomi mobile with MIUI

Xiaomi has allowed the option of resize icons of the applications that you find at the beginning of your phone without having to change the size of the entire interface, actually making this modification is very simple, so that you can do it you must follow the following steps.

phone use

  • turn on the phone and go to the home screen, where all your applications are located
  • After that hold down in a free space at the beginning
  • When the menu appears, click on settings and then on the option that says “Plus
  • When you are in the home screen settings, look for the option to icon size
  • This option will show you the size you want to change it to, and a window that shows you how the application icons will look
  • After selecting the size you want, click on the apply button
  • And voila, you will have the icons with the size of your preference

This modification, despite being somewhat minimal, is important to various users using Xiaomi, and they are very strict with respect to the aspect of the interface of their phones, although there are cases in which they do not allow them to make these options, but do not worry in this article we will also give you the solutions to those problems

What to do if you don’t have this option?

If you have a Xiaomi device, and it does not allow you to perform such action, the problem is easy to solve, the fact is that this option was integrated into the system from the version 11 of the MIUI launcher, which means that your phone is in a previous version, to be able to update it, carry out the following procedure:

  • Go to settings
  • Then click on the system application updater option
  • Search in the system launcher and click on update, or update all
  • Wait for it to update
  • And voila, you can have access to this and other functions

phone interface theme

Xiaomi has a variety of options in terms of customization and some services that serve to improve efficiency when using their products.

As for example, by creating a Xiaomi Mi account, you will be able to back up saved information on your phone such as photos, contacts, call logs, messages, recordings and notes, as well as browser history, and device settings and even backup compatible applications.

Of having a Xiaomi Phone but not being comfortable with the appearance that its operating system and launcherYou can enter the following link where we will show you which are the best launchers to customize your Android phone to your liking.

Either with Nova launcher, Smart launcher, Microsoft launcher and among others that you can find in the Google Play Store. We hope this information has been helpful to you.

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