How to Change the Sound of Mail Notifications on my Mac OS? (Example)

Email or email applications today are necessary tools for communication between societies. They have become an indispensable element when it comes to sharing information and above all, they are platforms that are somehow customizable from a Macbook, being able to change the sound of Mail notifications in Mac OS and even create events in the Mail calendar from your iPhone.

For the iOS operating system, the default email or online messaging application is “Mail”. The way received messages are handled or the platform in general, does not differ too much from the rest of the email services that exist. The only difference is that Mail is exclusive for iPad, iPod, iPhone and Macbook.

What should I know about Mail?

As expected, it is a digital tool developed by Apple for all devices running the iOS operating system. Through this application and like any other, the user will have the ability to write new messages, reply to others, organize them according to the date they are received and mark emails that are not of interest to you as spam.

It is similar to Gmail in terms of interface. Pallowing you to freely navigate between its different categorization spaces such as messages received, sent, stored and even those that were previously deleted.

Before knowing how to customize your Mail and even learn how to change the sound of Mail notifications in Mac OS, you must first understand the basics. Despite being something really simple and that does not require too much effort, It is never taken for granted that a user will have no doubts about the action of something specific, so you should always be cautious.

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To compose an email, go to Mail and press “Compose” to start writing a particular message or upload an attachment. At the top of the typing window, type the other person’s email or username correctly and add a subject if necessary.

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Press “Send” so that the recipient receives your email after a few seconds have elapsed after executing said action. In contrast, to reply to a message that has just arrived in your inbox, you must touch with your finger the part of the screen where the mail is located and then select “Reply” to execute such action. Mac Mail offers its users to delete emails to free up space.

Step by step to change the sound of Mail notifications on Mac OS

Currently, music moves people’s sense and it is applicable to any aspect of life no matter how small or minimal. People’s favorite tunes can be turned into their own hymns, flaunting these in different situations. As is the fact of showing it to the world as a ringtone, general notification or warning about the arrival of a message.

The iOS Mail app lets you customize this point to give a special touch to the way in which the reception of emails can be perceived. Therefore, when the default option is not to your personal liking, it is necessary to change the sound of Mail notifications in Mac OS

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From Macbook it is an even more accessible procedure. Since there are better tools to carry it out without problems and with undoubted success.

How do you achieve what you want? Enter “Preferences” seconds after pressing the Mail shortcut to access it. Then, press “General” to display a window of options of a different type than They can be modified or not according to what is required.

For tutorial purposes, focus primarily on the “Sounds for new messages” area. There, press the pop-up menu to then change the sound of Mail notifications in Mac OS when receiving an email.

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