How to Change the Subtitle Language or Playback of Amazon Prime Video on a Smart TV

If you enjoy Amazon Prime Video streaming services, then you will agree that on this platform you can get a wide variety of very entertaining movies and series.

If you want to see and install Amazon Prime Video on the Smart TV and be able to activate the subtitles, but you have no idea how to do it, stay here and let’s find out together through the topic How to change the subtitle language or Amazon Prime Video playback on a Smart TV.

How can I change the subtitle language or Amazon Prime Video playback on a Smart TV?

If you have a Smart TV with Amazon Prime Video installed, you will surely want to have the best experience with this platform streaming on your device.

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To do this, you must know all the settings concerning Prime Video, which includes setting or changing the subtitle language to watch Prime Video in Spanish or any language you want with subtitles, so stay tuned for the explanation that we will present below.

Turn on and change the language of subtitles on connected devices

Before giving you the due explanation, we must inform you that this configuration of the Prime Video subtitles on Smart TVIt also applies to other connected devices, that is, consoles, decoders and the like.

  • To activate and configure the subtitle language in Prime Video, the first thing you should do is with your remote control, press the Enter button or a similar button on the remote corresponding to your Smart TV to open the playback menu, then you must verify that the subtitles icon (cc) which you must select.

activate subtitles languages ​​amazon prime video

  • When you do, you will be able to see the list of languages ​​in which the subtitles are available and select the one of your preference, in addition to the possibility of selecting the audio language of the series or movie you are watching.

This is how simple it is to do this, although this process on some Smart TVs may vary, making you have to set subtitles in the TV menu directly, before you start watching the movie or series of your choice.

How To Set Up And Modify Subtitles Correctly On Amazon Prime Video

In addition to changing the language of the subtitles in Prime Video, it is also important that you learn how to configure and modify them so that they fit your visual needs. As Amazon Prime Video is a platform with very diverse options, among its configurations it includes the possibility of change size, format and color of the subtitles you see on your screen.

To start configuring the subtitles, you just have to select the movie or series you want to see and select the icon located in the upper right part of the screen. Once there you will see the option called Subtitle settings which you must select, where then you can choose the sizes of the subtitles and the different options in which they can be seen: shaded, in another color, with a black or normal background.

How to configure subtitles from the PC

If you use the desktop version of Amazon Prime Video, then it is good that you pay close attention to the explanation that we will give you below about the subtitle settings in this version of the streaming service.

To start the configuration, first of all you should do is locate the Prime Video website on your computer, then log in with your account, then you must choose the content you want to enjoy, be it a movie or a series.

Next, while the content is playing you must move the cursor on your screen and click on a dialog box located in the upper right part of the screen of your laptop or computer. From said menu you can select language the audio or subtitle language you prefer, as well as modifying the appearance of the subtitles according to your preferences and needs.

series subtitles various languages ​​amazon prime video

Did you like the explanation? In all these ways you can modify the subtitles in Amazon Prime Video so that now the language is not an impediment to enjoy your series and favorite movies on this platform, so now definitely hiring Amazon Prime Video is worth it with all its available options.

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