How To Change The T-Rex Dinosaur From The Chrome Game For Super Mario Bros Or Sonic Is It Possible?

The famous Chrome game “Dino Run”, created by Google Chrome in September 2014 and was launched in December of that same year. It was so much impact that this game had on users around the world that it made this Dinosaur become the team’s mascot.

The Dinosaur game is defined as an infinite running mini game where the dinosaur runs alone and all you have to do is press space to make it jump. The obstacles in this game are the cacti that you avoid when jumping and other pterosaurs that you avoid by ducking with the date down.

What is Google Chrome and what are its main features?

When we refer to Chrome, we are talking about the web browser offered by the Google company so you can access the network quickly and effectively. It was created and launched in 2008 to become today one of the most used and popular browsers in the world.

chrome logo

As main characteristics of this browser we can emphasize the speed it has when opening the search engine and the security it offers to its users. A remarkable feature is the support it has to create, develop and add any available extension that you can automatically install and use in incognito mode.

The excellent result of this browser is due to the amount of things that can be done in it, so it is advisable to keep it updated to be able to enjoy all the news it has. Within the options Chrome we can mention the execution of other applications such as spreadsheets and documents, as well as offline games for users.

Why did Chrome create Dino Run?

This fun game was created by 3 Chrome workers which are called Edward Jung, Sebastien Gabriel and Alan Bettes, who explained the roots of this game. What these men wanted was a game as a metaphor, referring to the time when there were no Wi-Fi networks like the ones we are used to.

The purpose of the game is to entertain the public while there is an internet crash; even many fans of this game cut their connection to play. This interesting T-Rex dinosaur was chosen to refer to the prehistoric age of dinosaurs where the internet did not exist.

Is it possible to change the T-Rex for Mario Bros or Sonic?

Yes it is possible to change it, and now we will explain how you can do it in a fast way and that is not complicated to do. First of all, to go to the game you do not have to cut your internet connection, you can place in the search bar “: // dino /” and so the game will appear.

google chrome t rex run game

Once the dinosaur starts to run, press F12 and a box will appear on the right side of the screen with various options and codes. There, select the tab that says “Elements” and then to the option “offline resources” and some underlined options will appear and in the first delete the code and put this link: “Http://”

As a result of this process you will be able to play with Sonic; Sure, there are other options available like Super Mario Bros and even Batman. To activate the option to play with Mario Bros we will give you a link “Https://” that you can copy in the same way as you did with Sonic.

In that simple way, you can enjoy that new environment in this chrome game so entertaining with new characters. In addition, another character that you can find is Naruto and that he is the one who runs for the dinosaur.

Interesting details of Dino Run

The relevant details that are known about this game were provided by the developers on the 4th anniversary of Dino Run and they did so because of its fame on the network. For example, as the main data of the game, they reported that the game is played about 270 million times a month in countries with connection problems.

Now the amount of people who have not reached the end of the game They wonder how it ends and if you win anything by finishing it. Those who have been able to finish this game have made it clear that it is similar to Pac-Man, where if you reach 99,999 they congratulate you and the score goes back to zero.

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