How to Change the Theme of Wallpaper or Appearance in Outlook – Hotmail (Example)

Email is a fundamental tool in our lives. Nowadays it helps us not only to communicate, but to work, reaching our receiver with truthful information or message more quickly. To feel it as part of us, it is convenient to personalize it. So here you will learn how change wallpaper theme or appearance in Outlook – Hotmail.

It is common to use Outlook-Hotmail in the work field, and thus get the necessary information of the day to the employees. Therefore, you will surely want to feel comfortable with this service; Did you know that you can easily customize or change the appearance of your Outlook wallpaper to your style? Today we will teach you with a small step by step tutorial.

Apply beautiful wallpaper designs to your Outlook or Hotmail

Hotmail or Outlook is basically a necessary tool for all areas of our life; from an apprenticeship course to the dream job. Sometimes we want to change its appearance; for the sake of our eyesight we can activate the new dark mode version in Outlook mail, and other times simply for aesthetics.

Next we will learn how to apply designs that will make your Hotmail account more attractive and comfortable:

people in that work

Change your wallpaper in Outlook

  • Login to your account Hotmail or Outlook which will automatically send you to the inbox, then you must look at the top for the nut sign on the right side of the screen, when entering there you must click change background or theme.
  • Clicking there will bring up a list, which show default backgrounds or themes In Outlook, you must click on the one of your choice and voila, you have already changed your wallpaper theme in Outlook.

But it may be the case that this option does not appear in your Hotmail, let’s see what you can do:

  • When entering your Outlook email you should go immediately to the “general” option, then click on change topic. The same topics that we mentioned above will appear, choose in the same way the one of your preference and when selecting one you must click on save, that appears in the upper left.

Thus you will have already changed your background theme in your Outlook mail.

In the case of business emails, a watermark can also be added to the background of an Outlook email in a similar way; This is done in order to strengthen the corporate image of a company.

Default in emails or messages

When entering your Hotmail account You should go to the “file” tab, then to the “options” tab. When you enter there, you must click on the “mail” option.

Then, you will find the tab called “background design and fonts”, and once you have entered the “personal background design” tab, click on theme, being there you must choose the topic you want, that way you have changed your default Hotmail account background.

typing on laptop

Can I change the font in my Outlook?

Sometimes it may be convenient to make the font or text larger in an Outlook email; It is a very simple process, let’s see how:

  • First you must enter inbox from your Hotmail or Outlook. Next, you go to the option “All”, then you must enter “view settings”. Once the previous step has been carried out, you must enter “more options”.
  • Later you must click on “source”, being there you will come across different types of letters or sizes, choose the one of your preference and proceed to click on Apply. Finally, close all the tabs by giving the option to accept.

So you will changed your font size and style in your Outlook or Hotmail. As you can see, it is very easy to use. The best thing is that you have already learned how to customize it to your liking. Wait no more and innovate with this tool.

Thanks for reading our post and stay tuned to continue learning which are the best tricks and tips to use Microsoft Outlook. Now, please leave us in the comments what you think and share, so more people will benefit from the information.

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