How to Change the Time of Windows 10 Automatic General Maintenance (Example)

It is to know how necessary the maintenance turns out to be to avoid malfunctions. We cannot neglect this, so we must schedule when we will do it. Among the equipment that requires maintenance to avoid slowing down are our Android, but also and not least our computer; in which we can change the time of automatic general maintenance.

We could happily say that it already comes with a automated system to do it. However, it could be that it was executing it at the least opportune moment, if it coincides with some task that we are carrying out. Learn in this post, how to change the time and activate it at an appropriate time.

Is it necessary to maintain our Windows 10 PC?

The answer is yes. Our computer has programs, applications, drivers, among other things, that will require it. For example, there are updates that are arriving daily that Windows 10 will be incorporating as it does the maintenance. Also, when it is running, it activates Windows Defender to detect malicious or unwanted software.

configure pc schedule

Another of the tasks carried out during those moments of general system maintenance, is to perform a system diagnostics. This will allow us to have the necessary settings on our computer. Just as if we were tightening some loose nuts. Disk cleaning also kicks in to sweep, so to speak, hampering performance.

This maintenance carried out by the system, Microsoft ensures that it does not adversely affect the performance of the computer. But, maybe we will see him go a little slower in certain circumstances where maintenance coincides with others. demanding tasks. This is where setting automatic hours comes into play.

Change the general maintenance time of Windows 10

By right-clicking on the Windows 10 icon on the start bar, a tab with multiple options is displayed. Here we will find “Control Panel” to click on it. The most direct method to access this tab is using the Win + X keys.

When we have open the control panel we go to the area of ​​”Security and maintenance”. Then we go to the option “Maintenance” in the next window.

set time

We will enter a space where we can adjust many elements of the system, however, the section that interests us is “Automatic maintenance”. When accessing this, we will have the option “Change maintenance settings”.

We will be reminded that this task is performed by the system on a daily basis while the computer is not in use. Below we will have the option of choosing the time we want it to run.

There is also a box, there we can decide if we want the computer to reactivate at the time we have scheduled the general maintenance of Windows 10. Having chosen this and having set the time in which the task will be performed, we save the changes by pressing the “Accept” icon. Ready! We have finished the new programming.

We must bear in mind when making these changes, that although it is true we can vary the hours where maintenance is performed, we must avoid deactivating it, since this would cause important failures in our system over time and we surely do not want that to happen.

We have shown you the steps to change the time of automatic general maintenance Windows 10, it is possible to activate other automatic functions such as turning off your PC. However, in this case we hope that it will be of great help to you and that your computer works perfectly. In the comments section you can leave us your opinion and we will read it with great pleasure; This will help us know how well we are doing for you.

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