How to Change the Version in Minecraft – Premium and Non-Premium (Example)

Despite the fact that many users appreciate the automatic update that the Minecraft Launcher runs, others prefer to choose to change the current version. In order to handle characteristics of those that are not easily accessed from the program.

Unfortunately these options are available only for desktop versions which are thrown by Mojang. Well, unlike them, the program for mobile devices always works with the latest update.

For the benefit of these people, the system by which Minecraft works enable change game version you want to cum. Since this type of configuration is quite common.

If for any reason, you are interested in making these adjustments, but do not know the ways to achieve it, you have reached the indicated article.

In fact, managing to execute these changes within the Minecraft system is quite simple. The options are available within the platform. There are even third-party programs that make the process easier.

Therefore, to configure the game to the version of your preference, it will be necessary to carry out some of the modifications explained within this space, and thus comfortably enjoy the game. You can even enhance your gaming experience with your friends through Minecraft’s multiplayer mode.

Manage to change the version of Minecraft through the Launcher of the game

This is probably the simplest and most direct way to modify the version that will be used by the game every time you decide to start it. It is even an option that is available within its settings.

Completing the change requires two important aspects: The version that will decide to be established, and the directory where the game information will be stored.

change the version of Minecraft through the game Launcher

The latter is highly recommended by Minecraft players. Since sometimes it is common for errors to occur that manipulate and modify the data that is already stored within the computer. This greatly hurts the user.

So if through this version system you want to create different game profiles, it is recommended that each one have a unique address. So that the information is not affected at any time.

Steps to change the version of the game

To be able to change the version of Minecraft that will be run every time the game starts, it will only be necessary to open the Launcher that you use daily to enter.

By clicking on the “Installations” section, you must click on the “New” icon found within this section. From there it will be necessary to complete a form that it will indicate the data of the version you want to install:

The fields request information on the name of the installation to be carried out, the version number to be installed, the resolution to be executed within the computer and the address where the information will be stored.

At the end, it will only be necessary to click on the “Create” button to complete the procedure. Automatically seeing how the game version has changed for the one you have established within the configuration.

Change the version of Minecraft in an existing game or profile

One of the possibilities of the Java program is that it also you can modify the version that is used in a game that already exists or have you used before.

Change Minecraft version

However, it is important to note that making the version change on an already created game will cause aspects that were previously used disappear. Since they will depend on the availability within the new world of Minecraft.

Steps to change the version within an already created game

When you view the profile name, you will see a three-dot icon next to it. This you must press, in order to access the “Edit” option.

Inside this little window you just have to enter the data about the new version you want to use, and click on “Save” once you have finished.

To finish with the changes, enter the game script at the bottom of the Launcher. There you can choose the version of Minecraft that you just created in your old profile.

Once saved, it will be necessary to press on the green button that highlights the word “Play”, where you will start using the new version that you have decided to use. Now there will be nothing to avoid spending hours of fun inside Minecraft.

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