How to Change the Wallpaper of my Android According to the Weather?

Something that many of the smartphone users like to do, is keep the same personalized and not only with its particular style, but also according to the time of year, especially when it comes to wallpapers and tones. But did you know that now an application that allows you to change my Android wallpaper according to the weather.

The effects that can be achieved with the use of this are amazing app for Android which is known as Weatherback Wallpaper.

And one of the main and most relevant characteristics of this application is that the user should not change the background at every moment. The application will do it automatically and according to the weather that I know presenting at that time.

change wallpaper

This does not seem surprising to you, since the App must perform a time analysis to establish that wallpaper should be placed at that time. There is no doubt that the applications that we can install on our Android devices are great, as well as the functions that we can activate on it, such as Dark Mode.

How to change the wallpaper of my Android according to the weather?

With this application then, we can know what the weather forecast is at that time, directly on our wallpaper. So you can see the different effects that will be added to the screen giving it a surprising touch. You will be able to see raindrops, snow flakes, sun, wind, clouds, etc. It will not cease to amaze you.

When you have this application installed on your phone, you will be able to see many dark clouds on your wallpaper on cloudy days. If, on the other hand, it is a hot and sunny day, you will see rays of the sun. And if it is a day with a lot of rain, you will find drops of water on your screen and these effects appear on the photo that you place as wallpaper.

The application can be found and downloaded very easily from the Google virtual store, the Play Store and it is free. Although there is also a paid version, with which you can obtain other content that will add more effects to those offered by the free version. Once you have the App on your mobile it will be very easy to use.

How the App works to change the wallpaper according to the weather

It works in a way that will not generate major complications to put it into action, where it will show you the weather conditions of the place. Then you just have to press a button so that it can generate and apply the wallpaper. These weather effects will be displayed on the wallpaper you already have set, be it a personal photo or any other image.

In the configuration settings, you can set how long the application can update the weather data. In itself it is an application that shows us through our wallpaper what it is current weather. Without the need to use another tool and with effects that will give our phone a unique customization.

Unfortunately, the free version does not offer us very striking effects such as the starry sky or the mist. If we wish to have these and others effects, We must buy the Pro version of this application. So what are you waiting to go to the virtual store and install this incredible App, which will surely be the envy of many of your friends.

change android background

In this way we conclude this tutorial that showed you another new App, which is available for Android mobile phone users. And without many complications, we were able to teach you what you should do to change my Android wallpaper according to the weather.

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