How to Change the Webcam or Camera and Microphone used by Chrome and Firefox Browsers

With the rise of the internet and the constant evolution of computers, they implementing new and novel variants in search of having total and complete control when carrying out any type of activity or action within these factors. A tool or help that gives us the ability to navigate the Internet with ease without having any problem or inconvenience.

This is how the idea of ​​web browsers arose. These Their main objective is to serve us as a tool before any action or activity that we need to carry out as soon as we are browsing the internet. Thanks to them we have millions of possibilities and options, and they also allow us to have control of everything we do in this place.

In the beginning there were fairly rudimentary browsers but over the years these were evolving and different brands and companies began to launch their own browsers. Among the most recognized we can come to name Safari which is typical of Apple, Opera, the defunct Internet Explorer of the Windows operating system which is now Microsoft Edge and more.

All of these over the years have managed to stay at the top of browsers for all types of platforms and operating systems, but there are undoubtedly separate cases where there are browsers that have much greater recognition and fame, this is the case of nothing more and nothing less than Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

These 2 apps have always been at the top of web browsers, have been on the market for several years now and are considered the best web browsers today. Although both are direct opponents in the world of web browsers, both have very similar functions and tools, in some cases even similar.

computer browser

Next we will tell you a little about the multiple functions that both web browsers have, in addition to some tools and implements that can be presented in them. So stay with us and find out all the details, data and information about the functions of the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

What functions and tools does Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have?

Today’s web browsers have a good number of options to offer their users and in the case of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox it is no exception. Among its most interesting implements is the option of extensions. These are considered as “mini apps” that can be added to our browsers. Are from multiple functions and are very useful.

Too thanks to web browsers We can tag or add our favorite pages in bookmark folders so that in this way we can get them and go to them easily, in addition this option allows us to put these links of these pages as direct access in the home of our respective browser, whether Chrome or Mozilla Firefox .

Another quite interesting option within web browsers is the ability that is offered to us to be able to customize its interface. We can do it manually or by downloading a theme that we like from the internet. There are millions of options of all tastes and colors, this is fully customizable for both web browsers and it doesn’t take any time to do it.

Another important function Within the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers it is the ease of being able to activate our camera and microphone at the time of a video call, call or some type of voice note. This option will be presented to us when we are on a web page that asks us to open the camera or microphone (Zoom, Skype, Meet, etc).

main camera

To obtain change camera or microphone For that of a device previously connected to our terminal we will only have to go to the settings box and then go to “Privacy and security”, there we will select the option to configure and we will change the camera and microphone options to the device that we want.

These steps are similar both for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox so we will not have problems with the procedure.

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