How to Charge My Cell Phone the Right Way or Way to Extend Its Life

Mobile devices compete to offer the best features on the market. One of them is the battery and its duration. Well, we currently find equipment on the market that offer a battery life of more than 72 hours.

Similarly, brands like Samsung provide equipment whose strong point is its batteries. However, this duration may be shortened if the computer is not loaded properly. This leads to the cell phone charging slowly and downloading fast.

This is how we ended up saving the mobile battery for not live connected to the charger. However, all is not lost. Well, you do not have to see this as a sentence of what will happen to you, since you can avoid it.

How to charge my cell phone in the right way or way to extend its life

When it comes to charging our cell phone, we think that it is a fairly simple process. The truth is that this process is easy, but we need to know certain aspects to take into account in order to charge our cell phone in the right way or way to extend your life.

cell phone charging

Failure to charge the battery to its limit

100% is presented as a fully charged battery and that’s what it’s about. Now, the problem occurs in the voltage to which the battery of our phones is exposed when it reaches this indicative.

This is due to the lack of battery calibration, which makes our phone iTry to charge beyond your limit. This wears down the battery very quickly.

Do not use the phone while charging

Use of telephone increase device temperatureThis, added to the high temperature of the battery while charging, causes battery wear. If this becomes too frequent, the battery will be completely damaged

Keep the charge between 10% and 90%

This goes hand in hand with avoid charging your phone 100%. And it happens because of the same thing that we already explained to you, the lack of calibration that can discharge the battery more than normal or overcharge it. In both cases wear occurs.

Discharge the battery completely once a month

This is a recommendation that has nothing to do with charging, but rather with the battery. In addition, it applies to any equipment with rechargeable batteries. This helps to calibrate internal charge level of the battery and extend the life of your battery.

person holds cell phone while charging

Charge the mobile whenever necessary

Don’t wait for your device to tell you that it is 10% low on battery. Much less to turn off. Keep it charged below the maximum level and do not hesitate to upload it when you have the opportunity. As long as your phone receives a constant charge, the consumption tension is minimized avoiding wear and tear.

Use the original charger and with the necessary voltage

The chargers that come with the phones are specially designed for them. If for some reason, you have forgotten yours, you need to charge it, never use a different charger than the original one. Ultimately use one with the same amperage and voltage.

Do not use Porwer Bank or portable chargers

Like non-original chargers, the voltages of these are minimal and their frequent can lead to our battery charging slowly and discharging instead of charging. A clear sign that the battery is damaged.

Fast charging isn’t for everyone

If your phone does not support fast charging, never use this type of charger. Well, these overheat your battery and produce chemical wear, which can permanently inflate your battery.

Why is my phone battery inflated?

Phone batteries are in constant chemical reactions, where they exchange electrons to provide the energy necessary for your equipment to function. However these reactions are can be altered by external factors.

Thus, heat is one of the main causes of this problem. This also occurs when the battery receives a lower electrical potential than it is designed for. It causes the reaction to proceed in an uncontrolled manner, causing battery swelling.

This is extremely dangerous. Well if the reaction continues, could explode the battery and splash acid everywhere. To this must be added that the acid is at such a high temperature that it can cause a fire.

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