How to Charge via USB Cable a PSP Easy and Fast (Example)

The first thing we ask ourselves when buying electronic equipment is whether the battery lasts long enough. In this regard, the PSP has a battery where its charge can last from 3 to 6 hours per game, but sometimes it usually happens that the charger is lost or damaged, and other alternatives are required. That is why in this post we will teach you how you can charge your PSP via USB cable.

In addition, it is very useful in these times where technology is necessary to facilitate daily tasks and entertainment, in it you can connect on the Internet, view multimedia and reproductions, these consoles are of Japanese origin.

Among the features of the PSP we find that the screen measures 4.3 inches, the resolution of the screen is 48ox272 contains 16 million colors.

As it can be said that it has a RAM memory of 32 MB of main memory, the sound of this console is quite clear compared to other consoles. Its Wifi IEEE 802.11b connection helps you connect to play with 2 to 16 people simultaneously.

sony psp screen red color

Also, we can mention that the new PSPs have small 6-centimeter discs that can store up to 1.8 GB, that is why we enjoy games as a multimedia download.

As for the PSP battery it can be charged by means of a charger; or by a direct USB cable to the computer, it should be remembered that your PSP must be fully charged, so that it can be kept updated.

How to charge a PSP from a USB cable

To begin you must keep in mind a series of recommendations: first this method is not compatible for PSP 1000 models. Your PSP must be turned on so I can charge by the USB cable.

You will not be able to play with the PSP while it is charging. Once these points are clarified, check if you still have a little battery left to start the procedure.

Once the PSP is turned on, press on the initial menu Settings, to do so you must go to the left side in the initial menu. Then turn on the USB charging you can find this in the menu Attach the system, then your PSP can be charged by the USB cable.

To continue, you must activate Automatic USB connection, which you will find in the menu exactly in the bottom side USB charging.

sony psps pink color and its connectors

In the next step you must install the mini USB cable to PSP, You will find the location on the device at the top. It is important to bear in mind that the PSP equipment has a 5-pin mini USB type B port; for that reason you can connect any cable that meets these characteristics to your PSP.

Now, install the other end of the cable to an electrical outlet, or a computer that has a USB adapter. But, first you must bear in mind that the PSP must be turned on just like the computer in order for the charge to be carried out.


Watch until the power light is orange. You should know that at the beginning the light will be flashing green and then it will turn orange.

Therefore, if that happens like this, it means that you are effectively charging the equipment. But, if at no time the light turns orange, you have to check that the adopter is properly installed or that the PSP battery is properly installed. This process to charge the device takes 6 to 8 hours for it to fully charge; since that system is slower, but so you can use it for a longer time.

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Finally, we can advise you how save battery charge: You can first decrease the brightness of the PSP screen and also disconnect the wireless connection. We hope that this post has been of great help to you; We would also like you to leave us your opinion. Also, you can share this information with your friends and family.

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