How to Check and Correct Spelling in Photoshop – Step by Step Guide

Photoshop is a wonderful program With which it is possible to correct the spelling, it may sound strange but yes, it is possible to correct the spelling of an image or text with Photoshop.

If you ask yourself or have the doubt of What is Photoshop and what is it for? This is a program that can be somewhat complex if you do not have a minimum basis in graphic design or photo editing. The Photoshop tool is used to carry out any kind of editing you can imagine, from making a person look older, to completely changing the background of a photograph.

Photoshop has a wide toolbar that offers hundreds of possibilities to its editors, such as correcting the spelling of their images, photos or videos, which makes it a fairly complete editing program.

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If you still do not know how to take advantage of all the tools that Photoshop has Today we bring you a very simple guide so that you can learn how to check and correct the spelling in your editions.

Is it possible to check and correct spelling in Photoshop?

As we mentioned earlier, correct spelling in Photoshop It is possible thanks to the extensive toolbar that the program has. Thanks to Photoshop tools you can perform any kind of editing, such as cutting a person’s hair, changing the background of a photograph, putting a tattoo on a person’s photo or simply correcting the spelling of an image, video or Photography.

Making spelling mistakes is an extremely common thing that can happen at any time, tools like Word, PowerPoint, Excel or any other program in the office package have spell checkers. Today it is possible to find «dictionaries» on mobile devices or social networks.

check correct spelling in photoshop

Photoshop is not the exception to all these programs since it also has a spell checker. Among the advantages of Photoshop It is found that this allows you to edit photos even if you do not download the program, this is possible thanks to its Internet interface, so its online version also allows you to correct the spelling.

Steps to spell check an image, video, or edit

If you want to check and correct the spelling of an image, video or editing with Photoshop, all you have to do is enter the Photoshop editor and then open an image, video or edition or simply create a text in the program.

In Photoshop it is possible to check the spelling of one or more text layers, so you must select exactly the one you want to check. If necessary, you can change the language, it is in the lower corner in the left area of ​​the editor in the «Character» palette.

Once you have configured the language that you will use for spell checking, you must press the «Edit» button and then click «Check spelling.» This will open a text box or spell check panel.

Steps to correct spelling mistakes in Photoshop

After checking the spelling in Photoshop the editor allows you to correct all the spelling mistakes. For this you should only select layer in Photoshop where the misspelled text is found.

Next you must select the text and click on «Edit» and then on «Check Spelling». It is important to note that the revision will only be carried out if the text has spelling errors or if the word is not in the dictionary.

person laptop check spelling photoshop guide

In the «Spell Check» box, several options or buttons will appear, with the «Done» button you can accept that the checker changes the word that is misspelled. The «Ignore» button allows you to ignore the word only once in the text, with «Ignore all» you can ignore the word every time it is found in the text. Likewise The buttons «Change» and «Change all» work.

In case you want to check the text of all your layers in the «Spell Check» box you will find the option “Check all layers”. Once all the spelling errors are corrected or omitted, a message will appear indicating that the spelling check has ended.

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