How to Check if my Antivirus is Active Working Correctly?

Then we will see how to check if my antivirus is active working properly. It is very important to protect the PC with an Antivirus, Firewall, Anti Spyware and Anti Spam that is responsible for protecting us when browsing the internet.

When it comes to browsing different websites, downloading files, watching videos, etc. We are exposing ourselves to all kinds of malware. That is why it is essential to have a good antivirus to protect us at all times from this kind of malicious programs.

Although it is very likely that you have an antivirus installed. But are you sure it works correctly? Luckily, there are reliable companies that allow us to carry out different test to check if our antivirus is protecting us efficiently.

check antivirus works

How to know if my antivirus is working

What we can do to check if our antivirus is working correctly is to download a fake virus. Amtso is responsible for providing us with links of fake virus downloads that are on the antivirus blacklist.

It will act as if it were a malware that endangers our computer. However, we could say that this is “performance”Since it will not actually endanger the PC since, as we mentioned earlier, it is a fake virus to check if your antivirus works properly.

The list of fake viruses provided by AMTSO is as follows:

  • Detects drive-by downloads of malware: in this case it measures the level of effectiveness of the antivirus against downloads that we have not made intentionally.
  • Detects manually downloaded malware: what it does is help us to check if the antivirus is capable of detecting any kind of virus that we ourselves download from the internet.
  • Detects potentially Unwanted Applications (PUAs): it tests the antivirus in every way to see if it is capable of blocking malicious programs.
  • Is connected to a cloud-based lookup system: verifies that the antivirus we use is capable of using the cloud to improve the level of malware detection.
  • Detect compressed malware: what it does is download a virus which is compressed in order to see how the antivirus behaves and in how long it detects it.
  • Detects phishing pages: there are many web pages that are phishing, what it does is load sites known for this to see how long the antivirus takes to block them.

Something that we must make quite clear, again. This is a test, which means that none of these tests endanger our computer. These are safe tests to verify the operation of our antimalware.

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How to check if my antivirus works correctly

Another thing you can do is try the test to verify the ports that we have open. It is extremely useful to verify how we have the firewall configuration of Windows and the router. We also have another very useful tool that tests our antivirus program against ransomware quite effectively.

To finish this long article, we must clarify that it is not recommended to have two antivirus programs on the same PC. Since you will not be able to improve the security of your computer, quite the opposite. To the having two antivirus on the same PC the only thing you get is more vulnerabilities than you could imagine, it is very counterproductive. The reason?

The consumption of resources is one, evidently having two programs running in the background the consumption of resources of the computer is doubled, which means that it will work much slower in every way, making it necessary to clean, optimize and accelerate the PC.

They also block each other, this is normal. When one of the antivirus tries to parse another file or the two try each other. They will not be able to do it, which will cause said file not to be analyzed, endangering your computer.

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