How to Check if my DiDi Driver App is Working Why am I not receiving trips?

DiDi continues to talk about the quality of its services and the Job opportunities that provides. This company has established itself as one of the best in the transport sector.

Undoubtedly, it has attracted the attention of many people who want to know this platform in depth. That is why it is important that you know how to check if your DiDi Conductor app is working in case you do not receive any more trips.

If you are thinking of joining or have recently joined DiDi and are not receiving travel requests, don’t worry! Here you will find a series of extremely simple solutions to solve the problem.

What is DiDi?

This is a company founded in 2012. DiDi offered its transport services via buses in various cities in China. After his alliance with different companies in the technology area, he made his big leap.

It enjoyed juicy and significant investments of billions of dollars that helped shape it. Your services varied and now they made taxi units available to users. By 2015, Über, for example, saw the demand for its services in China decline.

didi transport service

Expansion to various countries

After its alliance with companies linked to Alibaba and significant investments received by companies like Apple, DiDi rebounded. At present, its services are active in countries on different continents. In addition to China, it has a presence in Japan and Australia.

In Latin America, DiDi is present in countries such as Colombia, Brazil, Argentina. In Central America, for its part, DiDi operates in Costa Rica and Mexico.

Services and employment

DiDi Express

It is the most popular service of this company. It is the traditional taxi service but with attractively low rates. The comparison between DiDi and other companies concludes that DiDi is up to 20% cheaper. However, there are other services that are worth highlighting:

DiDi Economy

Can you imagine a service even cheaper than DiDi Express? That’s DiDi Economy! Discounts for this service are available at certain times. These hours vary by region, be sure to take advantage of them!

DiDi Food

Food lovers’ favorite service… a quick fix! Explore DiDi’s wide catalog of allied restaurants and enjoy a rich breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert.

DiDi Delivery

People have less and less time to attend various places. It is because of that, if you need to send or receive a package as soon as possible possible, DiDi will take care of that for you.

This diversity of services has had a great and positive impact on the populations it has reached. Since it represents an employment opportunity. Working at DiDi is simple, you just have to have a means of transport and determination.

How to check if my DiDi Conductor App is working?

After some time working, some drivers have noticed strange things in the application. The most frequent is that, despite being in a very busy area, there are no travel requests.

didi phone app

Why? Is there something wrong with the application? How to correct this? How to check if your DiDi Conductor App is working? Here are some tips that could help you solve these and other questions.

  • Verify that requests are active: Not knowing how to fully handle the DiDi Conductor application, it is normal for certain actions to be carried out without realizing it. One of them is to activate or deactivate travel requests… of course, if they are deactivated, you will not receive anything.
  • Restart the app: It may happen that the application has simply become saturated. The best way to fix these types of errors is restoring the application. Do not worry! You should not uninstall and reinstall it. Simply go to the settings of your Smartphone and access the “Applications” section. Select DiDi Conductor, clear cache and free up storage space.

When entering the application again, you will have to grant all permissions again and log in. Now, check again if your DiDi Conductor app is working and is still making more money with DiDi.

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