How to Check if my PC is Compatible with Virtual Reality VR

The way in which humans interact with their environment has changed a lot over the years. Experiencing each new way that allows us to change our perception of how we see and feel things is fascinating.

The needs are different and with the evolution of technology entertaining or doing anything is becoming easier. There are artifacts that make you capable of living moments that you could never have imagined just by putting on special glasses.

Surely you know what we mean, yes, we talk to you about the virtual reality and your wonderful opportunity to see the world from a different perspective. Keep in mind that there is a difference between augmented reality and virtual reality.

This has been used in education to give an interesting form of practice to students and to keep them motivated.

Its application is also included in fields such as medicine, psychotherapy, video games or entertainment in general, software, among others.

The alternative that makes it possible to teleport anywhere just by configuring it to your liking. It is important that you check that your pc is compatible and this article will help you to know how.

What is virtual reality?

The virtual reality or VR It represents an environment with scenes of any kind and objects with a realistic appearance in the eyes of the user, it can be used by different means either thanks to an avatar or simulator, projection of images, by computer or using cave technology.

Child playing with virtual reality

This term became popular in 1980 thanks to the invention of the American computer scientist Jaron Lanier who opened the doors to the world of virtual simulation.

Everything is effected by means of computer technology that envelops the user in a fictional environment to the degree that he thinks it is real.

The feeling of realism is surprising, and you can enjoy such an experience with a helmet or goggles designed for virtual reality.

Of course, although they are the main pieces, you can include gloves or a suit in your equipment that will make the experience much more vivid. This is because the perception of what you see added to the recreation of sensations and stimuli makes the interaction more intense.

Each of the images displayed comes from a computer or interactive device capable of generating the necessary information.

Both the environment that surrounds the user and the environment that is generated virtually is involved. Everything must work together so that the perception is the best possible.

Having an interaction full of modalities that are capable of stimulating the users is important, the sound, the aromas and touch will be a good addiction. Currently the most recognized brands worldwide in the production of artifacts for virtual reality are HTC and Oculus VR.

How to check if my PC is compatible with VR virtual reality?

Surely all this caught your attention and you are very interested in living an experience using virtual reality vr from your PC. It may be that for hardware reasons your PC is not compatible for this, but how to check this? What is to be done?

Virtual reality on laptop person sitting with glasses

Manually check if the hardware is supported by seeing if your PC meets the factory set requirements. On the other hand, there is the possibility of doing an automatic test to the PC to check compatibility, what application is used?

There is an official application that you can use in Windows, since Valve corporation ( saw it as a general need among users. Check the performance of your PC with SteamVR Performance Test this will be your friendly tool for the start of this adventure.

It employs a performance test that measures pc power first. Collect your data and through this determines the system is capable of executing 90fps virtual reality. It will be verified if virtual reality can be carried out on your pc with the highest possible visual fidelity and at the recommended level.

And if your PC is not VR Ready, this application will help you see if the capabilities are linked to the CPU, the graphics card or both. Which will allow you to know what is lacking in your pc in order to make improvements that adapt and be able to use virtual reality in it.

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