How to check if my VPN is leaking my personal data?

We have always commented in our articles that one of the aspects that users value the most when they connect to the network is the security of their privacy. This is why the use of different tools is necessary and one of them is VPN. This is the virtual private network and in the next tutorial we will show you How to check if my VPN is leaking my personal data?

vpn filtering data

Through the VPN we can feel that our personal information is safe and protected from anything that could violate it. But doubt always appears and that question within us, is it really private? is there any way or way that we can know How to check if my VPN is leaking my personal data?

Of course, before you can answer that question, you can also ask yourself what is a VPN And what is it for, how does it work and what is the best VPN? You can answer these questions and other questions you have on this topic. But many people tend to confuse VPN with a Proxy connection and they have a big difference.

How to check if my VPN is leaking my personal data?

When you have a VPN on your properly functioning Windows computer, it becomes an impenetrable wall for them to spy on your data. In addition to offering you other options, this is why every day more users are added to the use of this tool. So in this way we can navigate safely, even if we connect through public WiFi networks.

VPNs also prevent the collection of data and information by the companies that provide the service of telecommunication. Then you wonder what kind of information the operators can get. Well, they can know your exact location, as well as the pages you visit and frequent and the different services we use.

But without a doubt, the most common use of this tool is to avoid the geo-blocking. Therefore, we can access a specific service that is blocked in a country. In this way, through the use of the VPN, we can enter the website without any problem, thereby circumventing the restriction that existed.

What can we do to check the VPN

It is important to note that VPNs unexpectedly stop working correctly and this can lead to future problems for our security. So so that a filtration of our data we must make use of a tool. And this is none other than a web page that will provide us with the information we need in a very simple and fast way.

So to know or check if my VPN is leaking my personal data, we are going to use IP Leak. Through this page, we will know through the IP address what our current location is. As is already known, VPNs can hide the IP address that we have, so that we can surf the net as if we were in another country and not ours.

We simply use the page and it must tell us from which country we are connected, so the IP Address must match the VPN. In this way we can verify that our VPN is working correctly and we should not be alarmed. But on the contrary, if the IP address and the VPN do not match, then there is a problem and it will have to be corrected.

Another page that we can use and that offers us a similar service is DNS Leak Test, To use it we must enter it and select the option Start test. This action will generate that it begins to carry out tests to our system, when it finishes it will show us what our geographical location is, it should never show us the real IP address but the one that appears in the VPN.

vpn filtering personal data

This is why we recommend you make use of a VPN service that works correctly, that is secure, so that you do not have problems with your security. And so we finish this instructive article, which shows you the easy and fast way that exists to check if my VPN is leaking my personal data.

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