How to Check My Cellular Balance in Peru Movistar – Free (Example)

Today we will tell you how can you check my cell phone balance in Peru Movistar with different methods.

Two of them are completely free and the other two have a small cost, so you will need to have a minimum credit on your line number to be able to check your balance.

An available balance inquiry gives you information on:

  • Credit
  • Minutes for calls
  • Text messages
  • Megabytes to surf the internet

Let’s see now how to know all this information.

How to check your consumption and balance to date Peru Movistar for free

For check the balance of your cell phone completely free, You must enter with your data to My movistar. You can access from the My Movistar Peru app from the official Play Store and Apple Store, or from the Movistar website.

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If you want access from the Movistar website, you must click My Movistar, is in blue in the upper right corner of the screen. From there you can enter to see your balance with your line number or with a password.

In case that enter with your line number Choose WITH YOUR CELL PHONE. There you must put your cell phone number with the area code ifn the 0 and without the 15. Then click To access.

Wait for a text message with a code and use it to validate your account and gain access.

If on the contrary you want login with a password, you must create an email account, email or phone in movistar. If you are not yet a user, click on REGISTER NOW. Complete all the fields, where you will be asked for an email, first and last name and line number.

Wait for the confirmation message in your mailbox. With this they will verify and validate your account. Then, you can access My Movistar with your email and password.

As we mentioned at the beginning, another completely free method to check your balance and consumption is from the My movistar app. With it you can manage your lines from your Android or iOS mobile.

To access all the information related to the balance, calls, messages and available megabytes, consumption, billing cycle and others, you must log in with your data.

In the same way that you accessed from the web with your line number or password, you are going to enter the app.

In case that enter with your number, remember that you must write it without the 0 (zero) and without the 15 (fifteen) and wait for a code to arrive by SMS text message.

And if instead you prefer login with a password, wait for the confirmation message in your email box.

How to check my cell phone balance in Peru Movistar fast and easy

There are other ways to check your balance much faster and easier. However, they have a small cost, so you must have some credit on your line to be able to use these methods.

original movistar logo

One of them is through a voice call to * 444. Wait for the operator to tell you what the options are and select the Balance inquiry option. Each call, regardless of the duration, has a cost of $ 0.35.

By SMS you can send the word SALDO to * 444. They generally text you almost automatically, rarely taking a few minutes to reply. You can send up to 10 (ten) messages completely free per month.

Once you have exceeded this monthly amount available each shipment it has a cost of $ 0.35.

We hope that all this information has been useful to you and you can check the balance of a cell phone in Peru with Movistar. If you have questions you can leave it in the comments.

But before you go, remember that Movistar is very extensive so there is a lot of information about it on the network, so it is not bad that you look for things like: how to configure the 3g / 4g mobile data APN on Android?

Or in the event that you have read everything and your final decision has been to cancel the Movistar line contract, then we recommend that you look for a tutorial on how to do it at once.

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