How to Check My Children’s WhatsApp Conversations From My Cell Phone

Many parents want to know How to check my children’s WhatsApp conversations from their cell phoneIf you also want to know, you are in the right place. Next, we will take care of developing this topic for you, so that you are well informed and can achieve it with total success.

Why should you check your children’s conversations?

On the internet and more specifically on social networks there are dangers that affect many users, especially young people and children whose vulnerability is greater. The youngsters in these social networks they may face inappropriate content, fake news, cyberbullying or cyberbullying, running into fake profiles, among other unpleasant inconveniences.

It is due to all this that it is normal for parents to feel uneasy about their children starting at an early age in the technological world, but it would not be logical or realistic to think that they can totally separate them from technology, but what if parents can do is monitor your children’s internet activity.

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And it is that, sometimes, without meaning to, children and young people become so involved in technology that they do not care add strangers to your personal social networks. This is because they think they are children of their age or harmless people, without knowing that a person with bad intentions can hide behind them.

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Parents have the responsibility to care for their children and ensure their safety and well-being, so sometimes they have to take measures that seem a bit hasty, such as checking their WhatsApp conversations, but that are in favor of improving the safety of adolescents and children on social networks.

Is it possible to check the WhatsApp conversations of my children from my cell phone?

If you want to find out how to check your child’s WhatsApp conversations from your iPhone, Android or PC mobile completely free of charge, keep reading what we will tell you next.

Check conversations from the computer

So that they do not have to download any external application to check the messages, you can from your computer search and with your child’s phone access a WhatsApp> Menu (three dots)> WhatsApp Web and from there you scan the QR code that will appear on the screen.

In this way, your child’s WhatsApp will open on your personal computer and you will be able to review conversations that are happening in real time without problems and for free.

Although in this method there is a small disadvantage and that is, to monitor your child’s conversations in this way is that both the phone and the computer must have a connection, otherwise the connection would fall and you could not check anything.

Check conversations from iPhone

  1. On your computer, download the iCloud software or find the version of it for browsers
  2. Once you are inside the interactive online platform you will have to log in with the iCloud account of your child’s iPhone
  3. After this you must wait for a backup of the iPhone at that precise moment
  4. When it is finished, on your computer you must locate the file explorer and depending on the hard drive where you installed iCloud, you must enter the path Users (username) AppData Roaming Apple Computer MobileSync Backup
  5. From there with the help of iCloud you can carefully review the conversations of your children that were saved with the backup

Check conversations from Android

  1. With a USB Cable connect your kid’s Android mobile phone to your computer
  2. Then, with the internet, install the Dr.fone application on your computer, as this app will allow you to view the chats comfortably
  3. When the Dr.fone installation is finished, open it and in the window that will appear you must choose the Restore Social App option to later select Backup WhatsApp messages and so Dr.fone copies everything.
  4. Finally, when the copying process is finished, you must select Export to PC and after this, you will be able to read all your child’s conversations carefully

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Now that you know how you can check what your child writes on WhatsApp, you can start doing it so that you can make sure everything is fine.

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