How to check the free credit bureau online? Very easy! (Example)

If you need to know your credit history, you must request a Special Credit Report. This instrument concentrates information on all your credits in a single document. Have you asked yourself How to check the Credit Bureau for free online? This article explains what you should do to verify your credit information.

How to check the free credit bureau online? – Very easy!

The clients of the different financial entities that are listed in the Credit Bureau have the right to access their own credit history to know the payment habits, who consults this history and verify if the stored information is correct and up-to-date.

Next, we explain the operation of the Credit Bureau, what you should do if you have a history of defaults and the procedure you must follow to obtain the Credit Bureau.

How does the credit bureau work?

Have you ever wondered how the Credit Bureau works? This institution works through a database that allows manage information about customers’ payment habits of a financial entity, either for the use of a credit card, a service card, a request for a credit or a contract for telephone and / or television services.

The Credit Bureau issues a report with a rating that allows the creation of a credit profile which depends on the taxpayer’s payment behavior. In this sense, if he has debts of several months it means that there is not a good payment habit so he will have a bad Credit Bureau.

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What should I do if I have a history of defaults?

If you have a history of defaults It is best to plan your payment activities again so that future credit applications are not rejected. To keep up with your payments, we suggest you do the following activities:

Know the exact amount of the debt

It is important that you know what is the monetary amount that you haven’t paid in order to plan how to catch up on your payments.

Create a budget

A budget is a very useful tool for organizing expenses in order to eliminate those that are not necessary. Therefore, you can set aside a amount to pay your debt every month.

Check the credit card

It is advisable that you verify your credit card and avoid adding expenses to it so that your debts do not increase.

Go to your bank or financial institution

You can check with the bank or financial institution to which you are affiliated regarding a negotiation of the scheme of payment of your debt. Thus, it is possible to restructure payments or change interest rates if you make a single payment payment.

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Can I request a credit report online?

Yes, you are on the list of the Credit Bureau, you can request a Credit Report online for free only if it is the first time you make the request during a period of twelve months.

The following Credit Reports will be free only once a year and the others will have a cost that will depend on the means by which you make the request (internet, email, customer service offices, postal mail or fax). It is important to note that if you observe inaccurate information in the report, you can make claims to the Credit Bureau from the internet.

What should I do to consult my free credit bureau online?

In order to consult your free credit bureau online You must enter the burodecredito website to request a Special Credit Report. The official website will guide you throughout the process and you will not have to pay if it is the first time you request this report.

Use the credit bureau App

If you have an Android device, you can also take advantage of the services offered by the Credit bureau when downloading the App from the Google Play Store through the link:

With this App you will find the Special Credit Report, your rating in the Credit Bureau, you will access the alerts and you will be able to block requests from third parties to prevent them from seeing your credit information.

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