How to Check the Status or Operation of an Online Keyboard? (Example)

The keyboard is one of the fundamental parts of computers. So if at some point it starts to fail, you will be in big trouble. To prevent this from happening, you have to test the keyboard for proper function from time to time. With that in mind Today you will learn to check the status or operation of a keyboard online.

And it is that, for those who do not enjoy a replacement keyboard or enough money to buy a replacement, they have no alternative but to take good care of the only one they have. In that sense, the programs that you will see below are the best lifesavers you can find.

How to check the status or operation of a keyboard online?

To get straight to the point and start with the process that will help you check the status or operation of a keyboard online, you should know that basically what you will do is to test said tool on several online pages.

Keep in mind that today you will not see how to repair or configure the keyboard, you will simply learn to evaluate it to know if it is presenting any fault, and prevent it from going worse. Therefore, if your keyboard is already damaged and you know what the problem is that affected it, this help will not help you.

The first program that exists on the web to check your keyboard is called: Keyboard Checker. Once you enter it, you will notice that there is a keyboard layout on the screen which will light up in green every time you touch a key that works well, so you just have to go testing, and if there is one that does not light up, it is Because it does not work.

shiny keys

This page is one of the best, because it will also give you convenient suggestions where you can buy keyboards online that are of high quality.

The second page you can use is called Key Test. In this there will also be a drawn keyboard, the difference is that it will occupy the entire screen. To test your tool or accessory, you just have to press keys, which will go blank if they work well.

Said program has the particularity that can measure mouse clicks, so it is one of the most recommended. and

With the above options it is most likely that you can already check the status or operation of a keyboard online, but to add more variety for you, now you will see two more applications that will help you achieve the same goal.

Number one (fourth in the list) is called, its interface is the same as the other examples, but in this one, to access the keyboard you have to press the button that is named “Launch Tester”. Once you do, you will only have to start pressing keys, if these are marked in green it is because they work.

Last but not least is, which although it has a name similar to the previous one is not the same. Like all, it will have a keyboard on its home page, which will be marked in green.

keyboard without some keys

But in addition to this, it has a sound that simulates that of a key when pressed, and also allows the operation of the mouse to be evaluated. It should be noted that in its interface there is also a button called “ResetWhich will remove the key lighting and let you start over.

And voila, with that you already know how to check the status or operation of an online keyboard, not just on one page but on four. All you have to do is go to any of these, and finally check which key is failing.

Remember that there are many ways to repair a keyboard, you just have to find what your problem is and a solution (like this tutorial), for example in case you need to repair the CTRL V and CTRL C control if they do not work when copying and pasting. (a common mistake), then you will see that there are thousands of tutorials online.

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