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Do you feel that your browser is running very slowly? Then we recommend you read the following guide in which we will talk about How to check which extensions are slowing down Google Chrome?

Why does Google Chrome get slow?

Google Chrome is a browser widely used by users of all platforms. In addition, the computer has a very interesting function that extends the capabilities of the program and we refer to the extensions.

Extensions are small programs that are installed inside Google Chrome, bringing the possibility of using functions that are not natively in the browser. While extensions are very useful too could lead to problems. Also, it may happen that your computer has stored a large number of temporary files, and for this reason, it is necessary to clear the search history of Google Chrome from time to time.

Google Chrome

Extensions can slow down the browser

In modern computers the extensions should not generate any kind of problem, since their CPU and memory consumption RAM it is usually quite low. In any case, on less powerful computers, extensions could have a negative effect.

If you have a large number of extensions, you may notice a poor performance on some older computers. Similarly, if you installed an extension of questionable origin, it may consume more resources than it should.

In any case, if you think that the extensions are causing a problem in your browser, it is best to read the following guide carefully so that you can speed up or increase the speed of Google Chrome to the maximum.

How to check which extensions are slowing down Google Chrome?

Extensions are very useful within Google Chrome, but as we mentioned before, they can generate certain problems. In any case, before this Google Chrome has an excellent optional, the so-called Task Manager, through which we can manage extensions and programs installed in the browser.

If you want to access the functions provided by the so-called Google Chrome task manager, follow these simple steps:

  1. The first step is to go to the configuration options of Google Chrome, to do this, press on the three points located above and to the right of the browser.
  2. Once you are in the customization menu, you should find the “More tools” tab.
  3. In this place you will find the option “Task Manager” designed precisely to see the operation of the browser and the extensions installed in it.

extensions slowing down Chrome

The Google Chrome Task Manager

Google Chrome has a small program with which it will be possible manage processes that intervene for the operation of the browser. At the same time, it is possible to observe the performance of the extensions that we have installed previously.

The Google Chrome task manager will work in a very similar way to the Windows task manager, showing us first the name of the task, then the use of RAM, CPU usage and even consumption within the network.

Thanks to this option it is possible to deduce which extensions are slowing down Google Chrome, you can reach this conclusion after observing the RAM or CPU memory consumption. In the same way, if an extension has a very high consumption in the network section, you could also observe a deterioration in the functioning of the browser.

Kill processes and extensions that slow down Google Chrome

Once the process or extension that is consuming the memory of your computer has been correctly identified, the most convenient thing would be close said app or extension that is slowing down Chrome. This action is perfectly possible with the Google Chrome task manager.

All you have to do is locate that problematic extension and click on it within the administrator. Once you have selected the extension, just click on the button “End process”, after which you will have successfully closed the extension.

Performing the previous procedure should free up the memory and use of the processor that said extension occupied, generally improving the performance of the computer. If you still cannot resolve this flaw, you can choose to enable Google Chrome hardware acceleration from the system settings offered by this browser.

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