How to Check your Circle of Credit Score by Internet, Telephone, Mail, Fax, Customer Service and Postal Mail

As everyone knows the fact ask for Credit will require paying it off on time, as it is critically necessary to maintain a healthy scorekeeper.

With this you will get a good reputation, which will open the doors to opportunities within other institutions, thus being considered suitable to assign future credit. You may wonder what is and what does the Credit Circle consist of ?, since it is important to make sure and know all the information.

You will not have to worry, since this will also give you the option of having a certain liquidity to face your financial responsibilities. How do you see having a healthy credit score It is important, as this will show that you are a trustworthy person and it is important that you know that there is a difference between the Credit Bureau and the Credit Circle

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So, maybe for that very reason you hope to know the ways in which it is possible to check your Circle of Credit score.

Is that your case? If you do not know how to check your score, there is no reason to feel sorry, since it is a very common question and it is not necessary to go to a stranger to find out.

You yourself can learn to check how many points you have from different means, be it from a computer with a connection to Internet, telephone, mail, fax, customer service and postal mail.

You will see that using any means you can achieve, and of course, with the help of this article you will be able to master this procedure for your benefit.

How to check your Credit Circle score online, by phone, mail, fax, customer service and postal mail?

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As we told you at the beginning, there is more than one means that you can use to check your Circle of Credit score. We will give you the instructions for each one of them, in this way you can choose the one that best suits you.

Check Círculo de Crédito from your computer with Internet connection

To carry out the procedure from your computer with an Internet connection, you will have to select the title that you hope to recognize and you will get an explanation of how. For this you must access the official site of Círculo de Crédito and in its internal search engine write: Special Credit Report (my RCE).

You will be directed to a page where you will have to click on the option «Get my RPE», then, you will have to fill in the required data in the applicant form.

Once the form is completed and submitted, wait approximately five business days for a response. The long-awaited Special Credit Circle Report that you have requested will be sent to your email.

Check Credit Circle from the phone

To check Círculo de Crédito from your phone it is very simple you will only have to call (55) 5166 2455. Now, if you make a long distance call the contact number will be different, you will have to call 01 800 888 CIRCLE (247 2856), it is advantageous that it is free of charge.

Check Credit Circle from the mail

You must first download the corresponding form, fill in each data and print it later. Then scan the form and save it in JPG format and send it to the following email: [email protected]

Check Credit Circle from the fax

To do this process by fax previously from acquiring the «Credit Report Request» from the official site of Círculo de Crédito, download it, fill in the data and print it.

By adding a copy of your official identification you can send it to (55) 5166 – 2455, then confirm that the data has been received by calling the Customer Service Center.

Check Circle of Credit from the postal mail

You shall download the form, download it, fill in all the data and print it, include your official identification document. In the sender, place the postal mail that corresponds to the Specialized Customer Service Unit: Los Morales Polanco.Del. Miguel Hidalgo, CP 11510. Jaime Balmes No. 11 Building E, Mezzanine 1. Section C, Plaza Polanco. Mexico DF

You can go to the place personally, but do not forget to bring a copy of your identification, you will be provided with the form to request the Credit Circle Report from the official website.

What is RCE?

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This is where the credit information provided by companies with which you have had any credit or service. It will be possible for you to see your credit history, how you have canceled your credits or basic services (mortgage, electricity, water, gas service, telephone, etc). The fact of requesting a loan will require paying it in due time.

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