How to Cite and Reference Web Pages with the APA Standard Format?

The way we present our projects or work has changed and evolved a lot over time, especially when making a reference or citing sources. And one of the formats that are being used the most to publish them is the APA Standard. In the following article we are going to show you How to cite and reference Web pages with the APA Standard format?

This is a system that has been implemented throughout the world and with it you can quote or refer to books, literary works, written on sheets of paper. Or even movies and web pages, but it turns out that their use is not done correctly. This is why we will explain to youHow to cite and reference Web pages with the APA Standard format?

We have already shown you in other articles, how to use this format of the APA standard. But in an Office program, where you can create margins, text and page numbers according to the APA standard in a Word document.

How to cite and reference web pages with the APA Standard format

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Using the APA standard It is widely used to reference a web page, when university students carry out a research project. Or those who are responsible for conducting scientific research. But to do this correctly we must take into account certain aspects about the appointment that we are going to make.

quote apa norm

These aspects may be, if the appointment or reference It will be literal or not, if the reference refers to an anonymous and generic book, where the website will belong to the author. Or a text from a web page will be cited but it is already part of a publication that already has an author and date. Perhaps this may sound a bit complicated, but with an example we will try to make you understand better.

How to cite or reference a web page with the APA format with author and date

When using this form of referencing, we must know the work from which we have extracted the information and the reference must be included in the citation. You are going to start with put the author’s last name, then a comma, then you must add the initials of their names and end with a period, if there are several authors put the main one and then «et alii» which means and others.

Or you can also choose the option to put all the names, these separated by semicolons (;) then you will write the year of publication, this in parentheses. Then you put another point and then you write the title of the work, the latter in italics. And to finish you are going to put in brackets what type of publication it is.

Now you must add the name of the website and web page address or URL, followed after the date that the query is performed, this in brackets. This last piece of information is very important, since on the internet publications change. And if said publication is 1 or 2 years old, nothing guarantees that you can find it on the same site.

How to cite or reference a web page with the APA format without author and date

Without these data as they are, the name of the author or the date, the situation can be a bit complicated to cite and reference web pages with the format of the APA standard. And we couldn’t use the above method. Then we must proceed as follows, we place the title of the publication followed by sf in parentheses that is (sf).

apa standards format

Then we would place the title of the page, then the type of publication, followed by the name of the website, followed by the URL and finally the date the query was made. And now you can make a reference of a web page using the APA Standard format. And in this way we come to the end of this interesting tutorial.

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