How to Clean my Mozilla Thunderbird Account Automatically? (Example)

Mozilla’s email assistant definitely has the best features in the world – you can literally do everything in it (you can see that by the simple fact that it lets you activate the spell checker), either on your own or configuring automatic functions. It is for this last reason, that today we will see the answer to How to clear my account Mozilla Thunderbird automatically?

And it is that, in this digital and technology world in which you live today, that a machine does everything for you is what you are looking for. Especially if you are a busy person who has to be aware of many things at the same time. Mozilla knows this, which is why it designed its wizard to literally help anyone.

How to clean my Mozilla Thunderbird account automatically?

The first thing you have to consider before answering the question How to clear my account Mozilla Thunderbird automatically ?, it all depends on the type of email account you have or are managing (POP or IMAP).

However, no matter what it is, step number one for both is to select the option of “preferences” on the menu. Then from there give the section “Account settings” (If you are a Linux user then you must click “Edit” and then “Account Settings”).

After that it will depend on what type of email account you use. In the case that it is an IMAP type, then from configuration, go to the section “Synchronization and storage.”

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In this, check one of the following boxes: “Delete all messages except the most recent ones” or “Delete messages older than__ days.” Then click on the “OK” button in the dialog box that will appear, that will confirm that you really want to configure one of those options, by doing so everything will be ready.

Keep in mind that most of the messages will be deleted, so you should not trust that if you have one highlighted, it will be saved (take the necessary precautions before activating this option, such as backing up mail folders). If it is a POP type account, you just have to go to the option called “Disk space” of the account you want to configure, or also to “Local folders”, and there make the necessary configuration.

Automatically clean a folder

Now that you know the answer to How to clean my Mozilla Thunderbird account automatically? It is time for you to learn how to do it directly in a folder without including the entire account. For this, right click on the element you want to clean, in the drop-down menu that will appear choose “Properties”, with that a section will open where you must go to the tab that is named “Retention Policy”.

There make sure the following boxes are unchecked: “Use server defaults” and “Use my account settings”. Then check one of the following options: “Delete all but the most recent messages“Or” Delete messages older than__ days. “

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As a recommendation, also select the box “Always keep messages marked with an asterisk”, as it will help you keep important emails. Once you have chosen any of the previous options, configure the number of days or the number of messages you want to delete.

To save the changes, click “OK”, and voila, with that the messages from the folder you have selected will be automatically deleted. This is much more efficient than doing it on the entire account, so it is best if you apply this technique.

Regardless of which method you use, you already know the answer to the question How to clean my Mozilla Thunderbird account automatically? so now you can go to your email and start the proper configuration.

Remember that this is not the only function that you can configure, you can also compact or unpack the mail folders, synchronize the Mozilla Thunderbird calendar.

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