How to Clean the Inside of My PC Hardware without Compressed Air

When you have a computer, we can spend hours just playing more video games than on a console, working, accessing our social networks or doing every kind of activity imaginable.

Actually, the fact have a computer It has become a blessing for most of the people, only starting with the entertainment that it provides us daily through a connection.

This, to the point that many say that it is impossible not to have something to do or to be bored if you have a computer with a fast internet connection. Given this, many people seek to have a more powerful computer than they currently have in terms of specifications or simply improve some component.

This makes our computers work more quickly and efficiently, with fewer setbacks than we would have under normal circumstances. But for this, people often save several months before being able to buy even a single component, which makes the parts we buy for our computer much more valued and we want to take better care of it.

However, just buying more expensive parts for our computer or downloading our favorite games or change the fact that we must take care of it. Yes, a computer takes more care than optimizing the programs, the space you have on the hard disk or improving the operating system.

When a computer works it can accumulate large amounts of dust and other particles, which in the short and long term will have some small problems such as overheating. This is why, below we will show you how you can clean hardware from your computer without the need for compressed air.

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What do I need to clean my computer hardware?

To clean hardware from your computer, you need some things that you most likely have somewhere in your house, since they are extremely mundane objects. But, there may be some that you don’t have on hand and you have to go shopping, but luckily none of them are too expensive.

To get started, you will need a set of screwdrivers precision with which to disassemble different components of our computer. Also, you will need a small towel microfiber or one that can grip the dust properly, as well as a small brush or extremely soft brush that cannot damage the internal components of your PC.

And, you can also use a mixture isopropyl alcohol, distilled water and a couple of drops of dehumidifier, to clean certain grooves.

But if you do not feel safe with this you do not have to use it, but we recommend that you use latex gloves or an antistatic wrist strap to be able to touch the components of your PC without fear of causing a short circuit due to static. And, once you have all of this, you can start cleaning your computer.

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How do I clean my computer?

Once you have all your supplies on hand, you can start working on cleaning your computer, so unplug it and remove all cables external to bring the tower to a table. On this table, you can put the tower on a towel or cardboard and proceed to open it with the screwdrivers and start dusting with the tools we have told you about.

Patiently use your tools to dust off two fans, ventilation openings and others, so that the pc has better cooling. Once this is ready, you just have to look at the display that can be cleaned with a special screen cleaner, in the mouse You can clean it with a microfiber towel and a cotton swab until all the dirt is removed.

Finally, take your keyboard, and patiently remove all the keys from it with the help of a butter knife or small spatula. And later, with the help of a towel or brushremove any dirt from underneath the keys, not forgetting to wash the keys and diligently dry them before reassembling the keyboard.

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