How to Clear or Clear the Cache, DNS of a Router Easy and Fast

The current use of computers is quite broad, because we can use a computer for different purposes. These can range from something mundane like visiting and managing the social networks we use the most, to more work-related aspects like sending emails, writing documents or designing.

This is the kind of blessing that computer use is for us, and it has proven to be a great feat in terms of programming and engineering, as there is a lot of work behind creating a computer and its components.

Now, whether you use it for work or leisure purposes, a computer has become a must have at home because of all the things that can be accomplished with one. Therefore, we can find all kinds of cheap or expensive computers, of different brands or intended for a specific activity.

For this reason, the market has become very large and you can simply explore it until you find something that is right for you. With this and much more, you have enough reasons to be able to have a computer if you do not have one, or to value the one you already have due to everything you can do with it.

However, if there is something that a computer cannot lack, it is the use of the internet, since without it we end up having a computer with less than half of its potential In use.

The internet is what gives life to a computer, as well as other components that you can update so that it can improve its performance to the maximum.

And, when we talk about the use of the internet, you may be interested in being able to keep the cache of the DNS clean in certain situations, as we will explain below.

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What is DNS and why should you clear your cache?

For those who do not have much experience in creating their own WiFi network or configuring the internet line in a house, terms like DNS can be a bit strange. But, it really isn’t too difficult to understand, since the DNS is he “Dominion Names System”According to its acronym in English; or how would it be in Spanish, Domain Name Systems.

This system is completely in charge of being able to translate the different names and keep in its cache all the names of the domains with which it has daily contact. Basically, we will have in the cache of it each IP address with which we have interacted through the internet on the web pages.

Now, it might not seem like much, but DNS is pretty important in terms of the database and how the local network works.

It may be of interest to be deleted by security reasons or when certain actions are carried out at the level of the local network or a domain, since when changing domains, migrating the DNS can take a long time, so it is better delete the cache altogether.

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How to clear the DNS cache through our router?

When we have problems with our DNS or we want to delete it for some other reason, we can perform this action easily with our router. This can be done simply by restarting your network router and turning off and unplugging the computer who has access to that network.

Then, you must wait a few minutes so that the operation is done successfully and then reactivate and connect everything necessary, configure your router again and you will have a totally clean DNS cache.

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