How to Clear or Delete Rappi Order History the Easy Way

If you have asked yourself how clear or delete Rappi order history in a simple way? Here we will explain everything you need to know to fulfill this purpose, whether it is possible or not.

Rappi is an ordering program or grocery shopping, you only need the app on your cell phone to start ordering. It works in a simple way and you don’t need any major setbacks. It is currently being widely used and its coverage has been expanded, in addition to what has been said, it is also important to note that the app offers you benefits for using it, giving you the opportunity to apply for promotions and price reductions.

How does the Rappi app work?

The Rappi concept is not just limited to food orders or cravings, but this app goes much further, and offers you services such as the pharmacy, with which you can mark the list or the medicine that you want to reach you, which will make the information reach the dealer who is in the same area as you, and in turn this dealer take care of making the purchase and then making the delivery.

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In times of social preventionIt is important that you take this app into account to make the supermarket purchase, since if you enter the program from your cell phone.

You may notice that there is a section for shopping in the supermarket, from here you can get a discount if you use the app frequently or if you have a coupon or code for a discount, apart from the fact that you can buy as much as you want from the supermarket, the order does not should take too long in arrive at your home.

delete delete order history rappi

If for any reason, you are not pleased with what you asked for and you want to cancel the order, the app allows it without problems, however if the delivery is very advanced this will not be possible.

How to delete or delete Rappi order history?

By using the Rappi programAs in most current apps, you will notice that a kind of record is saved on your cell phone, whether you buy at a pharmacy, at restaurants or at affiliated markets. Your purchase will be registered, more than anything so that you have support and control of your purchases.

However, many people do not like this, and others even find it an invasion to their personal privacy, so they want to delete this history. Unfortunately, to date there is no such thing as a button that says delete or delete history, or anything like that. In addition, it only shows you the purchases made not very detailed.

But despite this, there are certain tricks you can fall back on, if the history bothers you in any way, or you just made a surprise purchase and don’t want anyone to find out. On the one hand, you can choose to clear your application data, which would be a similar step to uninstalling it from the cell phone.

To delete this data you must do as in any other app, you can hold it down on the desktop and mark where it says preferences, or details of the app. And in storage, click on delete, this will delete everything you have saved in this app, including your registered cards, purchases and coupons.

Other methods to erase history

Alternatively, you can choose to use programs from the PC To erase history data, cache of your cell phone, these can be found on the net for free and they all work in the same way.

delete rappi order history easily

In most you will have to connect your device using a cable, and then manage apps from the menu that is shown to you. This method is widely used since from here you can do the two steps more quickly.

On the one hand you can delete it, and then reinstall it immediately, since these programs usually come with their own store and are very easy to use, an example can be Apowersoft.

Apowersoft lets you do everything The aforementioned, and it has an official page where you can get it quickly, it works on most operating systems, so you shouldn’t have any kind of problem.

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