How to Clear or Remove Suggestions from Google Search Bar

In the world there are many browsers with which users can perform their searches on the net. But there is no doubt that one of the most important and used is Google. All this due to the multiple services it offers and its predictive results that it yields in each search. This is why we will teach you how to delete or remove suggestions from the Google search bar.

It has a powerful search engine, which offers users results according to their needs. But there is a function that we have all noticed and it is the autocomplete or suggestions as we type in the search box. And this in accordance with previous searches made by us or others.

But as we have already verified, not all the functions offered by an application or search engines like Google, please all its followers.

And there are users who may find this feature a bit annoying and want to eliminate it. In the same way, users want to eliminate other options from the Google search engine, such as autocomplete information.

How to clear or remove suggestions from the Google search bar

Many who attack this feature claim that this predictive, autocomplete or search suggestions, they tend to lead you in the wrong directions. This happens a lot on the small screens of mobile phones where it is possible that a touch by mistake, leads you to perform a search that is not the one you wanted to do.

remove suggestions

Surely you had no idea, that this function was possible to remove from the search engine and thus please the detractors. In this simple tutorial, we will show you what to do so that you can remove this function, both on personal computers and mobile devices, in this way you will have a complete guide with all the steps to perform.

Steps you must take to clear or remove suggestions from the Google search bar

So so that we can clear or remove the suggestions from the search bar of Google The first thing we will do is open a new window in Google Chrome. Then we are going to go to the right side of the page and we will not locate the three-point icon. By clicking here, a menu will be displayed and in it we must select the Configuration option.

This action will show us a new window and in it we must scroll to the end of it, until we find the option Show advanced settings.

Here we will see several sections and we will go to Privacy, when we enter we will look for the option Use a prediction service to complete searches and URLs.

You will check that this option is activated and you only have to uncheck it so that it is no longer active. And we will no longer have this function in our browser and we will no longer receive suggestions in the search engine.

Now we will deactivate this function in your mobile deviceTo do this we are going to open a new window in Google Chrome. Once this is done, we go to the menu to the right of the address bar to access the Google settings and then we are going to click on the Privacy section.

And we will find the following option URL and search suggestions, which must be checked and we will uncheck it, so that we can deactivate the function.

It is important that you know that this same operation can be performed in different browsers that exist like Firefox or Safari, of course, you must use different steps to do so.

search suggestions delete

And in this way we have concluded this article, which meets many users who are not pleased with some functions that are activated by default by browsers. And in simple steps you will be able, both on your PC and on your mobile phone, clear or remove suggestions from the Google search bar.

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