How to Clear Skype Conversation History Definitely (Example) See How It’s Done

Saving your conversation history can be beneficial, especially if you use Skype professionally; well there is always conversations that need to be revisited. But if there are things that you don’t want to be logged for privacy reasons, what can you do to delete your Skype conversation history for good?

How to delete your conversation history permanently

Clear chat history in Skype too easy. So that you do not have to go through uncomfortable situations, remember that there are certain platforms that are for professional use and there are certain conversations that you should not have in the registry.

If you don’t want to leave a trace, how can you delete all conversations from your history from Skype? If you have one of the less recent versions of this app, you can do it this way:

  1. Log into your Skype account; In case you do not remember the password, here we explain how to recover it.
  2. In the upper panel enter the tab Tools;
  3. Now go to Options;
  4. In the left pane of the window open Privacy;
  5. On record you can click the Clear history button, like this you delete all conversations.

Important note: sometimes Skype gives an error and does not let you do these steps because it restarts when you log in, solving it is very simple, for this we made a review to solve it in a few steps.

If you have ever had a problem with skype auto-start, you can disable it and prevent it from appearing, you just have to take a look at this article we did to solve the problem.

Recent versions of Skype

For newer versions of Skype, deleting conversations in this way is not possible, as the privacy settings have changed. If that is your case, you can delete the history in this way:

  1. Log into your account, if you don’t have the app installed, use the web version of Skype.
  2. Locate the chat from which you want to delete the conversations;
  3. Right-click the mouse and select Delete conversation;
  4. Then confirm the operation by clicking Remove.

clear skype history

If you need to delete all conversations permanently, you must do so by locating the folder where they are stored on your PC’s hard drive, and you must do it through the following path: C: Users (the username you use to log into Skype should be in this field), Roaming Skype, this path must be copied into the field for text in the upper left.

Once the conversations folder is located you just have to send it to the recycle bin and in this way you erase the conversation history permanently; However, you can save yourself these annoyances by configuring your privacy options and preventing your conversations from being stored, how? We will explain it to you below.

How to prevent your conversation history from being preserved

For versions prior to 2018, Skype’s privacy settings gave options to not save the conversation history. How can you do it if it is your case? Enter the menu Toolsgo to Choices, later Privacy, on Store history You can decide between not storing, storing indefinitely or even defining the range of time you want the history to remain, from weeks to months.

Unfortunately, since the new features do not allow this, the conversations are automatically stored on your hard drive and also you cannot delete them all from the settings panel; To do this, you must follow the steps that we indicated a few paragraphs before, entering the File Explorer.

skype online chat screen

Analyze if it is necessary to store your conversations in Skype; If not, you can configure it that way at first, it also takes advantage of the new features of the app and deletes only the conversation history of those chats whose privacy is very important to you; your options are to permanently delete it from the privacy settings or delete the folder that is created on the hard drive.

In short, exercise caution, try to keep conversations in a professional tone at all times, so that it is not a matter of concern for you to leave a trace of them, but if the nature of your professional or academic conversations is always confidential. You know how you can delete conversation history permanently in SkypeWe hope the suggestions in this article have been helpful to you.

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