How to Clone or Put a Human Face on an Animal with Photoscape – step by step

Editing and mounting photos is a common practice, as it allows us to create images of realistic things that can be funny. PhotoScape will allow you to clone or put a human face on an animal with PhotoScape; here we will explain it to you step by step.

Photoshop is a program for professionals; but there are other simpler and free ones. PhotoScape is the solution for those who want to do touch-ups, without being a graphic designer. Since for example, you can easily remove the background of an image with PhotoScape.

Its simplicity makes it one of the best alternatives to Adobe Photoshop to edit images, it is even recommended as one of the alternatives to the Adobe Lightroom program. Given that there are many things we can do with PhotoScape.

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It is available for Windows and Apple; it can be downloaded from its official website. It was developed in C ++ language by the South Korean company MOOII Tech, and has been on the market since November 27, 2011.

What are the advantages of PhotoScape?

PhotoScape will allow you to modify files with BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, or RAW extensions. This software is used a lot, to remove a person’s face in a photo and put another; but includes a package of various functions, which go beyond just photo editing.

photoscape program startup screen

  • Photo viewer and make slide shows.
  • Edit images in batches.
  • Do mosaic-like pages.
  • Merge Photos vertically or horizontally.
  • Use multiple photos to make an animated GIF.
  • Print image files.
  • Crop an image in various parts.
  • Capture a screen.
  • Select a color of an image.
  • Rename files image per batch.
  • Convert RAW files towards JPG.
  • Print notebook lines, staves and calendars.
  • Face search similar on the internet.

How to clone or put a human face on an animal with PhotoScape?

We open PhotoScape, we press the «Editor» button on top. The interface that we will see when we open the program is basically divided into 4 parts, which we will detail below.

  • On the upper left side there is a file browser, tree schema type.
  • A viewer showing thumbnails of the selected folder, located below the schematic.
  • A work area on the right side, which displays the selected image in the viewfinder. In this case, the image of the animal.
  • A toolbar, located below the work area and made up of several tabs.

Now we will import the other image with the human face, for that we click on the second tab «Complements» and click on the upper left icon «Image» and then «photo», to display the «Open» window and insert the new image over the current one of the animal.

photoscape image clone stamp tool

The image of the human face will be located in the center of the image of the animal; we will move it to the side, pressing and holding the left mouse button when the course changes to one of 4 arrows. Ideally, move it out of the image of the animal on its left side.

To adjust the size of the human face, and make it look like that of the animal; we must pull the upper left selector of the image, keeping the left mouse button pressed.

Now we will temporarily combine both images so as not to accidentally move them. For this we go to the «Complements» tab, we press «Merge» and we mark the option that begins by saying «Object out of photo range or …».

We do the cloning in the «Tools» tab, by clicking on the «Clone Buffer» icon. Then we must do 2 clicks: the first to fix the cloned source area on the human face and the second the target area on the animal face.

Cloning with circular motions

It is advisable to clone the human face in circular motions and take as a reference the between eyebrows of each face; if we make a mistake we can press Ctrl + Z.

We finish by cutting the image of the animal with the human face, so in the «Trim» tab, then we drag the mouse over the image to define the area, click on «Cut» and the «Save» button the right side.

You already know how to clone or put a human face on an animal with PhotoScape, from now on you can have fun with your family and friends. You can even share this article with them, to see who makes the funniest montage.

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