How to Close a Web Browser with the Keyboard Quickly (Example)

Sometimes we do not know how to close a window or tab that does not close in Google Chrome using the «Close» button. In such circumstances or if we want to use another alternative to the mouse, it is convenient to learn How to quickly close a web browser with the keyboard. Therefore, in this article we explain this procedure to you.

A web browser also known as «Web Browser» is an application that allows access all the information available on the Internet. In this way, users can search for websites, access them, and navigate between various pages.

Navigation consists of following links from one site to another. Therefore, the web browser allows people with internet access to interact from various places on the planet and access any information quickly and effectively.

The most popular web browsers

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The most popular web browsers are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Microsoft Edge. Each of them has particular characteristics. In the case of the most popular of all «Google Chrome», various configuration options for users to establish the operation of this browser.

In fact, users can search for more functionality when switching tabs without using the mouse or closing a tab in the Google Chrome browser. using keyboard shortcuts. Also, it is possible to configure the search bar according to the needs and preferences of each user from the browser menu.

Browser keyboard

If you want to close a web browser with the keyboard quickly you can follow each of the steps that we explain below.

Check how many tabs you have opened in the web browser

First of all, it is necessary check the number of active tabs in your web browser. This procedure will allow you to establish the type of shortcut that you are going to use. If there is more than one tab open, then you must press the «Ctrl + Shift» / «Shift + W» keys.

Some users wonder if you cannot use the mouse to check the number of tabs you have opened, press the shortcut «Ctrl + Tab» or «Ctrl + Page Down». Thus, you will be able to close all the tabs at the same time.

On the other hand, if you have the problem of not being able to change tab in Chrome with the keyboard when performing this process, we recommend reading the guide in the previous link with which you can easily solve this annoying problem and continue with the process.

Close a single tab with the keyboard quickly

If you prefer close a specific tab, access the tab in question and press the «Ctrl + W» keys. Therefore, only the tab that is active at the time you run the shortcut will be closed.

Close the current window and the active web browser window

If you have several windows open in Google Chrome, you can close just one using the shortcut «Ctrl + Shift + W». Therefore, this action will be executed in the current window. On the other hand, if you need close active window, you can choose the shortcut «Alt + F4».


What should I do if I closed all the tabs by mistake?

it’s possible reopen all tabs that you closed to recover the important information of each one of them. From your active user, press the keys «Ctrl + Shift / Shift + T». Many times invited people close the information unintentionally, so if there are invited users and you want to avoid problems in this regard, we recommend activating the option to browse as a guest in Google Chrome.

However, if you use Mozilla Firefox you must press the Ctrl + Shift / Shift + N keys. As a result, you will regain access to all the information that was cached.

A tip that you should take into account

Shortcuts are very useful because they increase the efficiency of the tasks we carry out in a web browser. Generally, when we are going to close several tabs at the same time using the keyboard, a window is displayed warning about the process that is going to be executed. In this way, we can confirm or suspend the closing of a window with a shortcut.

Do you use the Mac OS X platform?

If you have a Mac OS X computer, you can close any web browser (Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, among others) from the keyboard using the shortcut «Command + Q». Also, you can hide the windows using the «Command + H» keys.

As a supplementary aspect, if after all the above you have problems when closing the browser with the keyboard, you should consider downloading it again, you can get Chrome from its official website.

In any case, make sure that your browsers are updated on each platform, as these tend to show constant improvements over time.

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