How to Close a Window or Tab that Won’t Close in Google Chrome

When we use the applications that we have installed or search information through the networks through our browser. Everything is perfect when they work like a charm, but the ordeal begins when they don’t. This is why we despair and pull out our hair because we do not know how to proceed to repair it. Then we will tell you how to close a window or tab that won’t close in Google Chrome.

tab does not close

The degree of dependence we have on our electronic equipment but even more evident is our degree of ignorance in their operation. Since perfection does not exist in the human world and some eventuality can always arise, of which we must be prepared and ready to solve it.

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The Google Chrome browser, as you already know, is one of the most used in the world, thanks to a wide variety of functions, extensions and its high level of customization. But even so it is not without problems that can arise at any time. And one of these and is perhaps the most common, is a window or tab that does not close in Google Chrome.

How to close a window or tab that won’t close in Google Chrome

One of the advantages that this browser may have over the others are the various functions, modes and extensions that allow you to perform a certain task. Which we must install or activate previously from the Google store. One of these and new is the Reading Mode which you can activate in an easy and fast way.

The Google Chrome browser is susceptible to this type of failure, and it contains a perfect option so that we can close a window or tab that does not close in Google Chrome. So in this way we do not have to close the entire browser and lose the information we have in other tabs or open windows.

In order to do this we are going to use Chrome Task Manager, this tool is very similar to the one you use in Windows. If you have already used it, you should know that through this Windows 10 manager we will know the process of all the programs that are running at that time.

The Chrome manager does the same, but on the different open tabs that are performing a search. To have access to this manager, we are going to put our attention on the three-dot icon that you can locate perfectly in the upper right corner of the search engine.

Using the Chrome Task Manager

Once we locate it we must click on it, after this a menu with several options will appear and we will choose the option More tools. After Task Manager, we can also have access to this administrator. Through the use of keyboard shortcuts, pressing the Shift + Esc key.

Once this is done, a box appears that closely resembles the Windows task manager. But we will notice that its processes will be the tabs that are open at that moment. We will look for that tab that does not respond and does not want to close, select it and then click on the End process option.

In this administrator we can also know other different aspects of each page that is open in the browser. For example memory usage, the process ID, CPU, network usage. It is a function that you surely did not know and had no idea that it existed.

close google tab

As you can see, it is a very simple and practical way that you have to close a window or tab that won’t close in Google Chrome. And thus avoid the danger that this failure represents, it can crash the entire browser. Finally, it is important to know all the options that our browser offers us to get the most out of it.

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