How to Close or Delete a PSN Sony Playstation Network Account?

The Internet has become so indispensable that it is already part of our daily lives to search for a lot of alternatives. It is what we can see reflected in the use that we give it within different devices, among which we must highlight the game consoles.

Thanks to the benefits that the internet provides us, it was a matter of time before we could connect to the internet from our video game consoles.

In general, the vast majority of video game platforms today offer us various types of services, which are related to the network of networks, thereby helping to establish an account system for the benefit of each user.

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With this, we can also perform different downloads and even access multiple online games which we can enjoy anywhere in the world. It should be noted that there are also many games that you can enjoy without being connected to the internet.

This time we will be talking about consoles belonging to the Sony brand, that is to say, PlayStation consoles. The method they use regarding their user profiles is known as PSN profiles, owned by Sony PlayStation Network.

These are accounts, which allow their users to enjoy various online games, as well as being able to access their official page to see Catalogue of digital games that the company provides. This works for both games and movies.

Despite these benefits, along the way, it is quite possible that some user will make the decision to unsubscribe. Regardless of the reason, in this post, we will give you the exact keys with which you can cancel your PSN Sony PlayStation Network account.

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Canceling the PSN account from PS4

The first thing we want to clarify before continuing is the fact that definitely, it is not possible to delete an account from PS4. However, what it is possible to do is make a complete unlink from it and likewise, cancel it from another place. Here we explain a little more about it.

  1. The first thing you should do is turn on the console, and then log in with exactly the account you want unlink.
  2. Once you are in the account, go to the «Settings”.
  3. Within this menu, select the option «PlayStation Network”. If it happens that you cannot find this option, go to the “Accounts administration”.
  4. Once there, you must locate the option «Activate as your main PS4l «and again locate the button»Settings”.
  5. Within this option, you will see a button that says «Deactivate», press it, and a question will appear on the screen to confirm said action.
  6. When you have completed these steps, your account will have been successfully unlinked from the console.

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Deleting the PSN account from the PS3

Likewise, from our PS3 console, we can follow a few steps and unsubscribe from the account. The steps are the following:

  • Start again by turning on the console Playstation 3.
  • When it has started, proceed to Login from the account you want to unlink normally.
  • After that, you must go to the icon of your user and proceed to press the triangle on the remote to enter that option.
  • Once inside the option menu, you will see that at the end of the list there will be the option of «Remove”. Press it and everything will be ready.
  • It is possible that during the process a series of options or warnings will appear, to which you just have to press accept and everything will be ready for you to enter with a new user.

Likewise, to be able to exit all the databases and systems that the company has, it will be enough for you to call Customer Support and expose the fact of wanting unlink your emails so that they from the central do it correctly and safely.

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