How to Compact or Uncompact Mail Folders in Mozilla Thunderbird? (Example)

Do you want to know how to compact or unzip mail folders in Mozilla Thunderbird? The best thing is that you continue reading. This mail platform saves a lot of space by reducing the weight of your inbox messages.

If you are one of those people who receives loads of mail every day, and you fear for the limit space of your account, you can use this tool and not worrying about going over the top.

It is as easy to use as deleting emails in Gmail according to a specific date. Even as simple as deleting all archived emails in Gmail. When it comes to freeing up space, anything goes.

How does the process to compact or unpack the mail folders in Mozilla Thunderbird work?

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To perform the process of compacting folders, Mozilla opens a file with the name «MBOX» that lives inside the hard disk, in this way it reads each one of the messages based on the format of said element.

Thus, the system works following two methods, storing unread emails in a temporary MBOX file called «Nstmp». While, those already read or deleted skip them to continue with the next one. There may be a problem with the amount of received and unread articles you have, don’t worry, Thunderbird has a function to mark all received messages as read.

This method is repeated over and over until the final message is reached from the input folder, which will then generate a new file with all the information of the texts with the aforementioned file format.

When is the email compaction process activated?

The process to compact emails in Mozilla Thunderbird is done automatically from the release of version number 5 of the platform. This happens as long as at least 20MB can be recovered from the hard drive.

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This process can also be programmed manually from the platform configuration and, while this is happening, it is displayed on the right side of the program’s status bar.

How to adjust the compacting of emails in Thunderbird?

Adjust the automatic process to compact emails in Mozilla Thunderbird it’s quite simpleTo achieve this, you must start the program and then enter the application’s configuration menu.

Next, choose the «Tools» section, soon under «Options», which will display a window with different buttons. The last of these is called «Advanced» that when you press it, it will expose the content of this feature at the bottom.

Now, among the tabs in the section below you must choose the one that says «Network and disk space», which will reveal some related settings. Locate and select the box that says «Compress folders when more than is stored» followed by a value in MB.

In this element you can modify the threshold limit that must be taken into account when activating the message compression system, on the other hand, it is important that you know that the developers do not recommend disabling this option.

What you can do is adjust the MB limit that will be used as a reference to start the process, you must bear in mind that everything that reaches Thunderbird is stored directly on the hard drive. To avoid having any problems in the future, it is recommended to make a backup in Thunderbird.

How to unzip Thunderbird folders?

To deactivate the process of compacting emails in Mozilla Thunderbird, it is necessary to resort to the previous method, entering in the section that manage the disk space used from the application.

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In this way, all you have to do is uncheck the box mentioned above, which indicates an activation threshold in MB. Of course, it is not recommended if the activity of your mailbox is too much, running the risk of taking up a lot of space.

On the other hand, if you occasionally receive one or another message, you can calmly deactivate it or, set the gauge for automatic compression on a larger scale than that already indicated by the program by default (20 MB).

You can resort to manual compression, if you deactivated the automatic system, when one or another folder begins to consume a lot of storage space, simply by right clicking on it and choosing «Compress now».

If on the other hand, instead of unpacking the folders, what you want is to save or back up the mail folders, Mozilla Thunderbird makes it possible for you.

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