How to Compress a File to the Maximum with 7zip in Windows Easily? (Example)

Some may not know about this program, but compress a file to the maximum with 7zip is not only extremely efficient, it is also very easy.

In fact, it is one of the most popular among experts in the field and its followers are not few throughout the world. If you want to be one of them and get the most out of your files you just have to keep reading.

7zip, efficiency made program

Reducing file sizes is often a must when working with large amounts of data. Whatever the reason, compressing all this information is usually the most comfortable and simple way to reduce the space it occupiesn. To achieve this there are multiple third-party programs that you can use in Windows without complications, such as the acclaimed 7zip.

To compress a file to the maximum with 7zip, the first thing you must have, logically, is the program in question. Its developers are Russian, but it has translation into dozens of languages, you can download it for free from its own website.

Although its default language is English, the page itself offers you an option in Spanish that you can download. Once on the site, you just have to select the option that suits you best and the download of the program will begin immediately.

7zip compression options

Thanks to its stability and efficiency, 7zip stands out as one of the best programs and applications for opening ZIP compressed files. This is due not only to its compression capacity but also to the fact that supports quite a few formats and has other functions.

Learn to compress a file to the maximum with 7zip in 4 steps

Once you have 7zip installed on your PC now if you can start compressing your files with this excellent program. If you want to achieve maximum compression, this is what you should do:

Step 1: Locate your files

First of all, before compressing your files in 7zip it is best that you order it appropriately. In this sense, it is best to place them all in the same folder.

If despite this there is a file left outside, do not worry, you can always add a file inside a ZIP in Windows 10 very easily.

Step 2: Run 7zip

When installing 7zip this integrates with Windows functionalities so to use it, just use the context menu. In this way, all you have to do is right click on the aforementioned folder and choose the option “7Zip” and then “Add to file …”. There are other equally useful ways, but this is the one you should choose if you want to compress a file to the maximum with 7zip.

Step 3: Set to maximum compression

This is the key point because when choosing the previous option a window will be displayed that it will allow you to configure the compression to your liking. The options that you should consider are especially the level and type of compression. For the first you must select “Ultra” and for the second the most recommended is “LZMA”.

windows 10 7zip compressed file

In terms of dictionary, word and compact block sizes the values ​​may vary, but 64 MB, 128 MB and 4 GB respectively are usually enough. Depending on the capacity of your PC, you could try different combinations until you achieve the optimal result. In this way, you will be able to compress a file to the maximum with 7zip, reducing its size to the minimum possible.

Step 4: Confirm and wait

Once all the necessary parameters have been selected, it only remains to apply them to start the process. The highest compression option is usually the one that takes the longest so you will have to have some patience until it ends. Ultimately, the compression rate will depend on your PC’s own capabilities.

Remember that before finishing you can encrypt or password your file or folder compressed with 7Zip, activating the corresponding option. With this you will not only get a highly compressed file, but also you can protect it from intrusive access.

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