How to Compress a Word Document with Images so that it weighs Less? (Example)

Word is the perfect assistant for anyone who works writing documents (this one for PC and phones in the PlayStore). This is so because the Office program offers its users a wide range of functions and tools (such as being able to insert or place multiple images in a document). For that last thing is that Today you will see how to compress a Word document with images so that it weighs less.

And is that, if we put too many images in a document, it will become too heavy to send it by mail or upload it somewhere. Which creates an impediment for those who work precisely writing and submitting articles. The good thing is that I eat Microsoft always has a solution.

Compress a Word document with images so that it weighs less

Before starting with the explanation of How to compress a Word document with images so that it weighs less?You have to know that there are many options to reduce the size of your file in question (you can even reduce the size of a word file without images), today you will learn several of those, but the first and main one is that of the unknown.

If you want to compress a file, you must do the following: open the Word document to which you want to apply the change, and then select the image in question.

Once you have done this, you must go to the new tab that will appear at the top of the screen called “Image Tool ”, here select the option “Format”.

This will make a new bar appear with options, where you must choose the one that is named “Compress images”.

Next, a dialog box will appear, where you must configure the corresponding boxes. In the section that is named “Apply to“Choose the box”All images in the document “

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And in “Destination”, choose the one that best suits what you are looking for. With that everything will finally be ready, so you can already say that you know how to reduce the size of a file in Word.

Other ways to make an image weigh less

With the above, the initial doubt of How to compress a Word document with images so that it weighs less?, now you will see other methods of reduction that are also quite effective.

The first of them is converting the document to a .docx format, (this applies to slightly older versions of Word, since the new ones come automatically in these formats).

To achieve the conversion, you must give “File“, In the tab above your program, and then from there choose first”Information” and later “Turn into”.

With that it will be ready, so it is most likely that it has taken a little weight off your document. You can apply this conversion to any .doc file.

Remove the fonts from the file

Word by default places the fonts of the files you upload, so that anyone who comes to see the document can open it without problems. But this really isn’t a necessary thing at all, and removing it also saves you much-needed space.

If you want to do it, then go back to “File“, From then to”Choices”And to finish click on“Keep“, Once there, you must uncheck the box that is named”Embed fonts in fileAnd voila, this will solve that problem.

Delete additional information

Finally, if you still need to get rid of the weight, you can choose to remove the additional information from the document in question (this will not make that much difference, but it will help a bit).

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To do this, you must go to the section of “Records”, Then “Inspect document”, and finally to “To inspect”, When you have finally arrived there, press the option “Remove all”.

With that you’ve just read and all of the above, you should have been able to reduce your file size to a great extent. Also you already know the answer to the question How to compress a Word document with images so that it weighs less? now go to your documents immediately and apply what you learned today, so you can insert, edit and modify images in Word without turning your document into a weight anchor.

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Remember that not only in Word can you make a file weigh less, you can also reduce the size of a file in Microsoft Excel, and in other Office programs.

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