How to Compress and Unzip a ZIP or RAR File with WinRAR on Android to Make It Weigh Less

It is very common to share files daily, in other times this was much easier to do from our workstations and computers, but as everything evolves and everything changes, technology is with us.

Especially to have files that are normally very heavy, but with the use of some tools we can convert them much lighter in ZIP or RAR formats, to be able to take them everywhere not only on our USB drives, but also on our mobile devices, in this case from our Android.

What does ZIP or RAR mean?

RAR is a private file format, where there is compression of the same without any loss. Its acronym means in English “Roshal ARchive” which was released in 1993. While ZIP, basically its name comes from a “zip code” like the previous format, it compresses and decompresses different files.

But this format was launched in 1989. All these formats can be easily compressed or decompressed from a computer, but here we show you how to do it from your Android device.

Steps to compress ZIP or RAR files

First of all it is necessary to download the application from the Play Store, it is by name, “RAR” wait a few minutes for its installation to complete. After this you can go to the home screen and open the application.

Once inside the application, from looking for the file or folder you want to compress in the storage of your disposition, after the selection you must press the option that look like three books with a “+” symbol, commonly appears at the top center of the screen.

compress rar and zip files

Since you have clicked on the previous option, you must choose the type of format you want to compress, normally the options are RAR, ZIP AND RAR 4X, in addition to that, you must select the location where you want this new lighter file to remain.

After this you just have to press “set password” in this way you would be protecting that file with a password, which will be asked every time you try to unzip that file. After having established the password you want, it is only necessary to press on “to accept”.

Steps to unzip ZIP or RAR files

Once inside the application you must look for the file you want to decompress, this is achieved in the following way. You must press the storage options, located in the upper left part of the screen, represented by stripes, one on top of the other.

unzip rar and zip files

After that, you select “storage or memory card“, depending on the place where the file is located, already within the storage you must select the folder where the file is located.

Once in the folder, you only have to select the compressed file, and then go to the upper central part of the screen where you will press the icon with three books and an up arrow.

Afterwards, you just have to select the destination folder, where you want the files to rest once they are unzipped, once it is established, you only have to press “accept” and that’s it. In case the file is protected, you just have to write the password and voila, you will have the unzipped files on your Android device.

What other tools can we do with RAR from our Android?

This is a pretty good application and it has different very simple tools for our work or student environment. Some of these tools are:

Repair files

Normally when downloading compressed files, errors are downloaded with them, disabling them for use. For these cases the application has a tool capable of solving it.


It helps the user in question to send or share the files through different social networks, among them is the Facebook and WhatsApp.

Detailed information

It is able to show us the amount of files and folders, in addition to its total size in device storage.

Encode by name

This has the function of encode names in files, excellent option to facilitate information and visualization of the files.


It is a function dedicated to the user in question, where he can modify some aspects of the application in his own way, such as the sound, interface, list of files among others, with just one click.

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