How to Concatenate Two or More Cells in Excel Easily and Quickly

The person, who at the present time does not know the different tools available to them for office tasks Microsoft Office, we do not know then in which world it lives. There are several, but today we will talk about the Excel spreadsheet, which allows you to carry out your financial tasks and in this article we will show you a function that will help you concatenate two or more cells in Excel easily and quickly.

multiple cells excel

With the Excel spreadsheet, we can create tables with a quantity of data and these in turn contain mathematical formulas that reflect the information we need in one click.

As we know, this sheet is formed by Columns and rows and these in turn by cells. It is important to know how they work and how to use them efficiently.

Excel is ideal for people who want to keep their business accounting or if they are a student, do surveys or reflect through different graphic types collected data.

We have already explained how to turn negative values ​​or numbers in red. But today we have to show you how concatenate two or more cells in Excel easily and quickly.

How to concatenate two or more cells in Excel easily and quickly

We can do it through different techniques that we will apply to the cells of our columns or rows. That the data that we expose there is easy for us to understand since the combination of cells is an excellent function. This way we will have a better ordered view of our table.

So do not miss any details to implement this simple method, that you will use it in all your tables and you will wonder why you have used Excel all this time without this knowledge. If you’ve done this before concatenating two or more cells in Excel, you may have realized that it can be a very tedious task, but not anymore.

Steps to perform to concatenate two or more cells in Excel

The first method that we are going to use has to do with the toolbar, so in this way you can use cells that span several columns.

By doing this, the data you enter will take up more space. So to do this we are going to click on the first cell Suppose A4 and we will continue to the cell we need.

Continuing with the same example, we will choose A4, B4, C4, D4, E4, we have covered row 4 of 5 consecutive columns. Now the next step will be to go to the start tab found in the top menu. Here we will look for the option Combine center, in this way we are going to join all the selected cells and it will be as one.

Try as much as possible that if these cells have any information, it is in a single cell, since when you combine it, this information will be lost.

This is why we suggest you make these adjustments before entering text or numeric data. Another way or method that you can use to concatenate two or more cells in Excel is through the keyboard.

It is much faster, since you will use the keyboard shortcuts and speed up the process, the steps to follow are as follows. With the cursor you select the cells you want to join, then you are going to click on the Alt key so that a letter will be assigned to each tab of the toolbar. Now since we want to choose the Home tab, we are going to press the O key.

concatenate cells in excel

Now the next command that we are going to enter is to press the letter M and then the number 2, in this way you will activate the menu. In the same way, you will observe that each option has an assigned letter and in our case for Merge and center, we must press the letter C. and voila, the cells will be merged into one as we had done in the first part.

It is important that you know different ways to activate the same function and learn how simple and easy it is. In this way you already have the knowledge of the way how to concatenate two or more cells in Excel.

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