How to Configure a Router as a WiFi Repeater? Increase and Improve the Signal I Receive at Home? (Example)

Currently the most common way to access the Internet in our home is through a wireless or WiFi signal sent from a router. But the network signal can arrive with a very low intensity in the most remote areas of the house. That is why we will teach you how to configure a router as a WiFi repeater.

What is the advantage of using a router as a repeater?

Always maintaining a fast connection is a priority for all of us, avoiding annoyances and bad times; If we have a second router working as a WiFi repeater, we will have a good signal even in the farthest corner of our house.

How can I access a router?

A router is accessed from any browser such as Edge, Chrome or Firefox by typing in the navigation bar. Among its factory settings, both the user and the password are admin; If for some reason you have forgotten the access data to make the adjustments then you will have to reset it.

To leave its factory settings just press a button hidden in a small hole. You can see him on the back of the router. PYou can use the tip of a pen to press it for 20 seconds until you see a change in the led lights on the front.

How do I configure my router as a WiFi repeater?

To configure a router as a WiFi repeater, look for the label on the bottom of the main router. Write down its network name (SSID) or obtain it in the wireless connection options of your computer; We are assuming that you already know the username and password because said router was already configured and working, so you only need to know what the IP address of your gateway is.

We know the main router gateway by pressing the key combination Win + R, we write cmd.exe to open the Command Prompt window and place the command ipconfig / all; We look for and write down the IP, where it says Default Gateway in Ethernet Adapter since it will be the Internet connection input of the secondary router.

cmd window

The configuration in the different brands and models of router is very similar, although there may be slight differences in the names or the arrangement of the menu options; For this case we will explain the configuration that we must do in a router of the TP-Link brand and model TL-WR940N.

We must change the IP of the secondary router and make sure that it is part of the same network using the default gateway of the main router; if for example the gateway is we will put in the menu option Network> LAN> IP Address and we save the change in the button Save and we restart the router. Then we can check if the IP was configured in the option: Status> LAN> IP Address.

Then we must disable the DHCP service on the secondary router, since the primary router is in charge of this task and we want to avoid IP addressing conflicts; we configure this in the option DHCP> DHCP Server and press the Disable button.

We change the network name or SSID of the secondary router with the same name of the primary router (so we will have a unique network name throughout the house, otherwise we will see 2 networks); we make the change in the option Wireless> Wireless Settings> Wireless Network Name and we save the changes in the Save button.

tp link interface

We changed the password of the secondary router to leave it the same as the primary router, it would be inconvenient to have a different password for each location in the house; so we go to option Wireless> Wireless Security> WPA / WPA2 – Personal> PSK Password. We place our password and save the changes in the Save button. To finish we restart the router.

Finally we connect the network cable from primary router to secondary router in one of the yellow output ports. If the information was useful to you, do not hesitate to share it, leave a comment if you have any questions.

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