How to Configure a Router as a Wireless WiFi Modem Easily

Wi-Fi is the technology that allows you to have a wireless network between devices; It is one of the most used by everyone to access the internet. Thanks to this type of network, we can enjoy an internet connection in many electronic devices. Now have you ever wondered How can I configure a router as a Wi-Fi wireless modem?

In this article you will discover how to do it. In addition, the method that you will learn will be quite useful for various types of Router, models and brands. Wait no more and take a look at this article.

Manual activity that you must do to the router

First of all, it is advisable to know the brand and model of your router. This will be useful to obtain information to help you, in case you have a problem. Since the explanation that we will give you is based on a TP-LINK TL-WR940N, and there may be differences with other makes and models.

Now you must hold for at least 10 seconds the hole in the back that says reset. Once this is done, we will connect one end of the network cable to any LAN port on the router and the other end to the computer.

Verify that the network configuration has the option of get an IP automatically. For that, we will click on the option networks and then in the local area network we enter properties. However, it is advisable to know other ways to know the IP address, DNS and the gateway of your Router.

Configure a router as a wireless modem in 5 steps

The router can be configured in such a way that it allows you to extend the radius of your Wi-Fi signal. Here are 5 quick and easy steps to configure router and start enjoying the Wi-Fi wireless signal.

The first step to follow is to enter our preferred browser and place the IP of the router. This general information is located at the bottom of the router with the username and password (by default this is: admin). Once we enter, we will click on the “Network” option. Automatically 3 options will be displayed, WAN, MAC Clone, LAN, there we select “WAN”.

We must be very aware that the type of WAN connection is “Dynamic IP” and in the MTU syze, it should always be at 1,500. The hostname remains exactly the same.

tplink router configuration

The second is to check the data found in the LAN option. This information can be changed; Nevertheless, not recommended do, because if it changes we must make the changes in various places and options for our router to work.

On the third instead, we enter the option that says “Wireless”, followed by Wireless Settings. There we can change the name that our Wi-Fi will have and the region where we live (the United States option will always come by default). The following options will be left the same, but the first two boxes will be checked.

The fourth step is security. For that we will do the following: click on “Wireless” now followed by Wireless Security. We mark the WPA / WPA2 Personal box and configure the boxes that appear. We select (WPA2-PSK), Encryption (AES) and finally the password (the key for Wi-Fi).

If later we realize that our password is very easy, there is no problem because the username and password of the administrator of the WiFi router can be changed at any time.

assign dns to router configuration

In the fifth step, we enter the option “DHCP” and then DHCP Configuration. In DHCP Server we mark Enable, where the Start IP address box appears will remain by default.

The option End IP Address, It is used to place the maximum number of equipment or devices that will connect to our Wi-Fi network, by default it allows connection to 100 devices, but we can change it to the amount we want. To do so we must change the number that follows after 1 (example:, only 10 computers will be connected here).

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By following these easy steps, you will be able to configure your Router to a working Wi-Fi modem. Even if you have an additional one, you can use it and configure it as a repeater router to improve your WiFi. Remember that if you liked this article, you can leave your comments and suggestions; In addition to sharing it with your friends or family.

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