How to Configure a Scheduled Task to Make Zip Files with a Bat? (Example)

Set up a scheduled task to zip files with a bat it can be quite a simple task, once you handle the procedure, you can do it even with your eyes closed. It is necessary that you bear in mind that you will have to obtain some additional programs to be able to develop the necessary bat to achieve fast compressions (remember that this tutorial is for PC so if you want to compress and decompress ZIP files in IOS, or another device you should go to another place)

What do you have to do to compress zip files with a bat?

Zip files have long been one of the best options for reducing the size of large batches of documents, an option that makes it easy to share them. Generally compression is performed manually, selecting each file individually and creating folders to later compress and save easily.

To begin, you should do an internet search for the best batches for compression, you can find varieties that may work better than others. Keep in mind that these batches must be downloaded to your computer, they will be necessary so that the compression can be carried out correctly just by activating the bat.

There are many tools available on the web, access the one you prefer. You can use 7-Zip, IZArc or WinZip, most people already have the latter. Once you find your helper, it will be time to start creating the bat to achieve rapid compression of your articles.

Create the batch file for your bat

At this point it is necessary that you read carefully to understand the process, because it can be a bit difficult if it is done without knowing the steps well.

windows window and folders

To start, press the “Beginning“, Choose “All the programs” go to the section of “Accessories”And open the “Memo pad”. In the first line of the new page you must write the phrase “@Echo off”, press “Enter”To be positioned on the second line. It is necessary that the command of the complement that you have downloaded is placed in this line.

For 7-Zip, “7za a-tzip”, in case of downloading IZArc, “-A-cx”Finally, for WinZip, the command will be “wzzip“With these commands you will be ready. You should go directly to the menu of “File”And click on the option “Save as…” the name of the file will be Zip.bat or whatever you decide, do not change the format. It only remains for you to decide where the file will be saved, keep in mind that the ideal is to have it in a folder where it is always at hand.

Set up this new scheduled task

To make zip files with a bat, you must allow the process on the computer, it is a really simple procedure, you only need to do a few clicks. First, make sure that the file has been saved where you designated it, so you will be sure that it is there, this will be useful later.

Well, go back to “Beginning” Accede to “Control Panel” and double click on the section “Scheduled taskss “, at this point you have half done. You have to click on the option “Add scheduled task”, getting the wizard to fire, you must follow him to add the task. In case you prefer to know what to do, first, you have to click on the option “Browse”, Take care to remember the site and select the bat file you created.

zip file folder

Once you find the file, click on “To open”, From now on, it only remains to wait for the installer to carry out its operations normally. And you’re done with that, you know how to configure a scheduled task to make zip files.

Some tips for handling zip files with a bat

Bats are hover files that perform assigned tasks with ease, but are also a bit of a mess at times.

It is recommended that you have a backup of your bat file in case the principal fails, in addition, it is necessary to change it frequently. This is because something can be damaged on the route and this will not be done. You should also know that if the file to be decompressed is corrupt, it is not the end of the world, since you can repair and extract damaged ZIP files from Windows 10 online. These are all simple precautions that, when taken into account, will make it easy to schedule tasks.

Remember that to learn more about this topic and really master it, you should look for more information such as what are the best programs and applications to open ZIP files? With that said, good luck in what you are going to do.

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