How to Configure a Static or Fixed IP, DNS, a Proxy Server and Open Ports on the PS4

Today, the universe of video games has evolved by leaps and bounds thanks to new technologies. In this way, have a video game console like the PS4 at home It will allow you not only to be able to enjoy great exclusive titles offline, but also, you will be able to have access to an extensive catalog to play online.

In that sense, we will talk to you about how configure an IP, DNS, proxy server and open ports on your PS4 so you can play online. It should be noted that in this way you will be able to play with thousands of users who connect daily and you will be able to get the most out of your console. Continue reading this thread and learn how to configure your PS4 for it online.

IP addresses, DNS, proxy servers and ports

Internet connections today are the means of communication par excellence, since they connect the world in almost real time. This way of communicating is done precisely through certain protocols, bridges, decoders and ports with which effective communication between a sender and a receiver is achieved.

These protocols, bridges, decoders and ports are nothing more than IP addresses, DNS, proxy servers and ports which we will show you what each one is about. In that sense, a IP address is nothing more than a series of unique numbers that identify a computer connected to a network.

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In this order of ideas, the DNS are responsible for decoding the IP addresses issued by the router; and convert them into domain names, for a better understanding of the user. For his part, proxy servers are the communication links or bridges between the user or client and the destination server.

Likewise, computer ports are nothing more than a series of channels that are responsible for distributing information in an orderly manner. On the other hand, you can visit the official Sony website where you can find an assorted catalog of games and accessories for your console.

Configure your IP, DNS, proxy server and router ports to play online with your PS4

As we said before, in order for you to enjoy the benefits offered by playing online you must have your console configured correctly. For this I invite you to follow the steps below to put your PS4 in tune and being able to enjoy the wonderful world online.

Setting fixed IP, DNS and proxy server: To configure a fixed IP on your PS4 you must access the “networks” section of your console through settings, select “network” and then access “configure internet connection”. Once inside you must choose the type of connection you use and select “Custom settings”.

At this point, you select “manual” in the IP address settings and proceed to set an IP address that is outside the DHCP range of your router. After setting the IP, In this same section you can configure the DNS (primary and secondary) for which I recommend using Google or Cloudflare.

On the other hand, establishing a proxy server will depend on your requirements and needs (I personally recommend not doing it). However, to access the configuration you must go to the “proxy server” section within the network settings and there define whether or not you use a proxy server.

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In case of using proxy server, you define the server port (usually it is 8080), accept the changes, verify the connection and voila.

Router ports: To configure and open the ports of your router will depend on the brand of it, however the configuration is very general for any brand. Head to settings of your router and in “forwarding” or “application” you apply “Enable” to the “UPnP” option, you write the name of the application and the ports you want to open and that’s it.

So you will have your PS4 console ready to enjoy the online world, be able to play with your friends and download whatever you want. If you are a PS4 user, I invite you to learn to turn your console on and off remotely with your smartphone.

On the other hand, if you are an online player and you have been having speed problems for a long time, I invite you to know how to improve the internet speed on your PS4 pro and finally, to learn how to cancel your automatic subscription in PlayStation Plus to avoid any setback. .

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