How to Configure an Android Mobile for Easily Use by Seniors?

Apparently, smartphones were not created for the elderly or our grandparents to use, without becoming a real mess. Since simple phones are not on the market, thanks to the growing prominence of Smartphone. This is why we bring you the following article that will surely teach you How to configure an Android mobile for easy use by older people?

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Is that now using mobile phones with their touch screen, as well as a keyboard with very small letters can cause certain inconveniences. Thinking about this, the manufacturers of phones that run on Android operating systems. They have included some functions to be able to adapt their mobiles for easy use by older people.

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It is that our only objective is to teach you tutorials that provide you with simple and practical solutions, and you can solve those problems that plague you. In the same way we could do it in the article where we show you which are the best free antivirus to install on Android cell phones.

How to configure an Android mobile for easy use by older people?

Next we will show you a very simple but practical guide that will allow you set up an Android mobile for easy use by older people. There are also some models that have easy mode installed on their system. But if not, we will teach you other methods or the use of third-party applications.

First of all what we are going to do is see if your model of Android mobile It has the easy mode included, if so we are going to activate it. We can name you some brands that have this mode on their phones, Samsung, LG, Huawei, among others. Try searching yours to see if it has this cool mode included.

For example, if you have a Samsung brand phone, go to the home screen and select the Settings option, then go to the Personal section. And there you must find the Easy Mode option and in the settings menu you can select which applications you want to appear on the main screen and thus in this way you activated a more user-friendly interface.

Another model that we know has this mode is the LG, but it is known as Easy Home, activating it is very simple, you go to the home screen. And select Settings, then you must choose the Screen option, we will search until we find the Home option. And in it you will select the option searched for Easy Home.

This action will generate changes on the home screen and you will see that everything has a greater degree of simplicity. In the devices of the China Huawei brand, so that you can activate and use the easy mode you must go to Settings, then you must select the Advanced Settings option, here you will find the Simple Mode option, then you will notice the changes and adapted to be used by older people.

Useful apps to adapt your Android mobile for the elderly

If you android device, is one of the few that does not have a native tool to adapt it to the elderly. We ask you not to worry, then we are going to show you some very interesting App that will give you the help you need for your grandparents. These can be downloaded for free and without complications through the Play Store.

Big Launcher is a great application when you install it on your device, you will notice that all the icons that the interface shows you are larger. Like the texts, this will make it easier for those who have visual problems to read. You can adjust the size and also the themes, the only drawback is that it contains advertising and if we want remove it you have to pay.

configure android mobile

The other option we recommend is Grand Laucher this has other App attached and make it more consistent. You will have on the screen a telephone dialer, message reader, make calls for help, functions to add medical information this on the lock screen. And so far this short article that showed you how to configure an Android mobile for easy use by older people.

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