How to Configure and Connect Virtual Machines by Wifi or External Network in VirtualBox (Example)

VirtualBox is by far one of the most complete programs that we can find, with this we can do something very new. Using VirtualBox and its functions it is possible operate a second computer inside our PC, and even save the state of the virtual machine. As with a normal PC, it is important to know how to configure and connect virtual machines in VirtualBox over Wifi or external network.

There are many uses that can be given to a virtual machine, for example, it is a great help to fight viruses. Any virus that can penetrate your virtual machine can be easily removed by deleting the machine. And the best thing is that the program itself allows you to create a great variety of machines, according to your purpose for them.

How to configure and connect virtual machines over Wi-Fi?

The virtual machines that can be created with VirtualBox have options as varied as those offered by a physical computer. In fact, it is possible to clone a virtual machine, and even connect a Wi-Fi signal or an external network to any virtual machine that we create. We can do it from the virtual machine settings tab based on the operating system we have chosen.

The configuration of the virtual machine itself allows us to select a particular network. To achieve this, first of all we must access the options and settings of the operating system that we have chosen for the virtual box. There we will be presented with a large number of options that involve from the system and the screen, to the USB and the user interface.

It is among these options and settings where we can find the one that allows us connect our virtual machine to Wi-Fi or an external network.

new computer

To begin with this process, let’s follow the following steps that are made to quickly connect to our virtual machine to Wifi.

  • Let’s select the virtual machine that we want to edit regardless of the operating system with which it works.
  • Let’s go to the section “(Operating system) – Setting“In which you will find all the variety of options mentioned above. Now we will choose the” Network “section where we will see 4 options of adapters, first, second, third, and fourth.
  • The former will naturally have few fields to edit, but we won’t touch or manipulate the assets. Instead, we will go directly to the second adapter named “Adapter 2” which will be the one we edit.
  • In the field “Connected to:” we will select the option “Bridge adapter”. We will choose the name of our team, and we will go to the next step in which we will leave the default name of the adapter. We will also deny the “Promiscuous mode” and finally we will leave the OS address as it is there.

Finally, it only remains to log in to our virtual machine to verify that it is already connected to Wi-Fi. If once inside we see no signs that it is connected or we can navigate, it is likely that we have committed some error during the process.

VirtualBox is undoubtedly a valuable tool, but like other programs, it can be quite difficult to use, so it is important to know each part of the process exactly. When you are already a master, you can also configure NAT-type networks.

How Wi-Fi Works in a Virtual Machine

Since virtual machines are specifically designed to emulate all the functions of a physical computer, you can connect them to the internet. Either through a wireless connection as it would be the one for Wi-Fi, or a straight Ethernet cable, is possible. However, the very way in which it works would be considered much more interesting.

insert commands

In view of the fact that it is a virtual program, which emulates a computer within your computer, can appear tangled. But it is very far from reality, just detecting the possible Wi-Fi connection or an external network after having followed the previous steps will be enough.

So you can start using your virtual machine very easily even browsing the Internet as if it were a physical computer. You can download files from the Internet, browse, share files from your PC to the virtual machine, watch videos, and more, without any complications or major problems.

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