How to Configure and Improve Windows Privacy with W10privacy – Quick and Easy

If you use the Windows operating system, you may be interested in having more security and privacy on your PC, thus protecting your data. Well, this article is for you, because we will explain how configure and improve Windows privacy with W10Privacy.

This factor is important if you want to have your data protected when browsing the internet and thus avoid a computer attack. And thinking about this aspect, computer operating systems are working, here We will tell you about W10Privacy a very useful tool.

What is W10Privacy?

W10Privacy is a completely free program, which has a fundamental objective in the privacy of Windows 10 by bringing together all the security elements in one. This allows you to configure the different criteria that can harm your privacy, this is because the Windows 10 operating system is the most used currently.

On the other hand, it contains a fairly easy to use interface, composed of categories differentiated by tabs giving the user recommendations for the system. And a very positive aspect is that the program tells you which applications or pages can be harmful to your computer’s system.

How to use W10Privacy?

In order to use this program you will need to enter the official page and download the application for free and without so many requirements. It comes in two main languages: English and German, however both the configuration and its functions are simple and intuitive.

protect your data with w10privacy

Among many of your options there are blocking the use of Microsoft diagnostic data, having total control in the applications. And something that you can also do with this program is to make Windows 10 not collect or use the information to give us suggestions or ideas.

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Configure privacy of other programs

We want to mention that W10Privacy not only allows you to configure the security of the operating system itself, but also of other programs. Programs include OneDrive, Explorer, Microsoft Edge, showing us what factors can be configured and what recommendations we should not follow.

Within the configurations that are available for these mentioned programs are the Firewall, the network, system applications and others that you have on the computer.

One suggestion we make when using this program is to create a system restore point, and run it frequently to prevent software damage. This factor is important because if a malware problem occurs, both data and settings can be restored.

By creating a restore point you will be sure that if the computer system fails, you can restore Windows from scratch without any inconvenience. You can also create a file with separate settings, so it can be used in other equipment and prepared in the same way.

Other options for privacy in Windows

Previously we mentioned how to use W10Privacy and what functions it fulfills, now we will explain other options to protect the security of your operating system.

  • Disable the Cortana assistant.
  1. Press “Start”.
  2. Choose the option “Configuration” and wait for the configuration window to appear.
  3. Type in the search engine “Cortana” and it will send you directly to this option.
  4. You will now click “Search and Cortana Settings”.
  5. It will disable “Allow Cortana to listen to my commands when I press Windows logo key + C”.
  6. Later “Use Cortana even if the device is locked”.
  • Check diagnostic data.
  1. Go to “Start” and select “Computer Configuration”.
  2. Click on “Administrative Templates”.
  3. Choose the option “Windows Components “.
  4. Now choose “Data collection and previews”.
  5. Then choose “Allow telemetry”.
  6. Finally click on option number 2.

Among the options available to be able to use a secure browser that does not violate your personal data, or access the system are the following:

use secure browser computer

  1. Google Chrome: When updated, it generates protection against malware for the user.
  2. Opera: This includes a VPN that provides security on different websites.
  3. Browser Epic Privacy: This one comes with an open source Chromium based, so you will browse in private mode.
  4. Mozilla Firefox: It is a secure browser that protects against crawling, blocking components of a page.

We have finally finished this article, we hope you can improve your privacy in Windows with the recommendations given here in this educational and intuitive post

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