How to Configure and Install Router if I Don’t Have Installation CD Easily (Example)

Networks have become a commonly used tool in this technological age. Thanks to the modem and router, we can enjoy a good internet signal. Even configure your router as a repeater to improve your Wifi in a few steps. But what if we have a router and we don’t have the Installation CD? Well, in this article you will discover how to install a router without CD.

Routers, when purchased from the factory, generally have their installation CD in the packaging. But can we have a router without an installation cd? Of course it is, whether it is a loan, a gift, an exchange, or any other reason. Here we will explain to you install it and configure it properly without cd.

Installing the router to the computer

Before starting the router installation, you must verify an important piece of information on your computer. What is so important to review? The answer is quite simple, verify that the Wi-Fi network driver for Windows 10 is installed on your computer.

Whether you use a LAN card or wireless network card. Before installation you have to verify that the drivers are installed.

If you already have everything perfect, we are going to explain what role a CD plays in the router. The CD allows you to install the router driver, as well as access it in case your computer does not recognize it.

But, if you check the network drivers and update them, then when you install the router to your computer, it will will automatically recognize. This means that your system has already registered it and is ready to use.

The installation is actually quite simple because, in general, computers do this automatically. The problem arises in how to configure it, but there are ways to solve network connection problems on your Windows PC in a few steps, and you will know this below.

Previous steps to install the router without cd

To configure the router without cd you will have to see what is the router gateway. To know this follow the steps:

  1. Enter the networking center on your computer.
  2. You click on the local area connection and then click on details.
  3. Here you will see all the details of the router. You must copy the option that says “default gateway” and paste it into the search engine.

By following these steps you can enter the router and configure it without cd. But there is another option to discover the default gateway.

This is accomplished by placing in the search bar. In the start menu we put the letters “CMD” and a black window will be displayed which is the command center.

cmd command

There we place “Ipconfi” and we press the enter key. Automatically, a list will appear with all the details of our website, among them will be: IP address, Mac address, as well as the default gateway. The we copy and paste in the browser from Internet.

That’s how easy we can enter and configure the router without cd from any browser of choice. But how can I configure it?

Basic configuration to install router

After entering our browser of choice and placing the IP of the router. The first step to follow is to enter the router by placing the username and password (default is: admin).

When entering the router, we go to the “Network” option and 3 options will automatically be displayed, WAN, MAC Clone, LAN, there we select WAN. Configuration with connection type Dynamic IP and MTU syze.

In order to change the name that our Wifi will have and the region where we live, we enter the option that says “Wireless” followed by Wireless Settings. As an important fact, remember that the United States option will always come by default in the locality.

To finish with the basic configuration, we must place security on our signal. For this we will click on Wireless Security. Then in the WPA / WPA2 box put “Personal”. There will appear some options that we must place like this:

  1. Version (WPA2-PSK).
  2. Encryption (AES).
  3. Wireless password where we will put any password for Wi-Fi.

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With these quick and easy steps you can install and configure your router to get the most out of it. If you like this article, don’t forget to leave us your opinion in the comment box. Also, connect with your friends and family to learn how to install and configure a router easily without cd.

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