How to Configure Chat Accounts in Mozilla Thunderbird step by step (Example)

One of the most convenient things you can do when working with a large number of email providers is to find one. tool that allows you to interact, work and organize all of them within the same system.

Although it seems impossible, this is a great possibility which you can carry out if you know or know how to handle the correct tool. Within the web you can find various platforms, which aim to help you with this problem thanks to simple and well-arranged systems, which offer dynamism and an easy-to-service platform.

From the moment it appeared Thunderbird, various are the functionalities that we have been exploring with it, since thanks to it, we have been able to enjoy different tools, which are essential for the proper management of a busy email tray.

Here we will help you with the correct and timely configuration for the Thunderbird chat with which you will also discover various and different options which will be ideal for your work day.

thunderbird chat process

What is Mozilla Thunderbird?

Mozilla Thunderbird is known and developed with the sole goal of providing different types of clients with an ideal platform with which to complete and enjoy an efficient and easy-to-use email management, which also goes hand in hand. from with Outlook and Gmail, since it allows you to import emails between both platforms.

Among the star features that we can highlight of this wonderful web platform, we can highlight, the intuitive configuration wizard, the multiplatform chats, adaptable message filters, themes customizable, personalized email addresses, spell checker, and special plugins designed to provide convenience for each user.

Steps to configure Thunderbird email

The process of configuration and adaptation of this platform is simple, but nevertheless, it is necessary to follow a series of instructions and actions, which are necessary for everything to go well within it.

chat mozilla thunderbird

Starts by collecting IMAP, POP3, and SMTP details

To enter the platform and find the information that is necessary in order to carry out the manual configuration and thus be able to create a new account, you just have to proceed to follow the following steps:

  1. Once you are in your Hostinger account, you must proceed to look for the option of ‘Email accounts’ within the ‘Email’ section which you will find in your Panel.
  2. There you will see that the details of your email are found, with all the information you need. You can see that the Hostinger mail server will use IMAP for all incoming emails and also SMTP for outgoing emails. What you can do here is replace IMAP with POP3, all this if you prefer.
  3. Start scrolling down and there you can start creating a new account, if you haven’t already. To do this, you just have to enter to the bottom and proceed to create the different details that are requested there in order to create it; now you just have to click on the create button and everything will be more than ready.

Get started with email settings within Mozilla Thunderbird

  1. Now you only need to download and also proceed with the installation of Thunderbird, so that after that, access the client. Once in this, you must click inside the Email right in the section that says ‘Set up an account’.
  2. There you will see a series of windows, in which you must enter by filling in your data and then press ‘Continue’.
  3. You can see how the system will proceed to connect your account Hostinger’s professional email address just with the Thunderbird app. To all this, you just have to wait for a positive response, to press ‘Done’ and thus finish the operation
  4. However, here you must press’Manual configurationl ‘in order to change your account settings and thereby fix some personal aspects of the same platform with which you will feel more comfortable.

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