How to Configure Comments Settings and Avoid Spam in WordPress

In general, when you start with the creation and customization of a blog or website, there are several factors and details that you should be aware of once you can access its settings. One of the main settings that you should take into account is the adjustment in terms of comments Spam within WordPress.

All this is essential, if you want your blog to be positioned among the best places in Google searches. Within this post, we will explain to you little by little, how to effectively make adjustments to the comments, in order to prevent malicious comments and considered Spam from wreaking havoc on your Blog.

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Reasons to avoid spam comments within WordPress?

One of the main reasons why you should avoid it is for the safety of your Web and also, that of your visits, since generally, these comments include links, which serve to advertise a service or, failing that, a Web page.

But however, this is not always the case and they also include URLs which usually lead your users to malicious sites, which in one way or another affect the security of the site. Here is the importance of protecting your website from both viruses and malicious people.

In addition, it would be a lot of time that you would lose if you start to delete comment by comment within your profile of WordPressFor this reason, it is possible that it is better for your time and work management that you start using various tools that will help you with it in a much more general way.

However, it is important that you have a tool, which not only removes comments randomly, but also ensures the security of your blog, since one of the best things you can choose is to implement security protocols in terms of comments that are viable at all times.

It is important that you remember that the comments of your followers are important, so you should not only delete everything, but also know and give rise to the good comments that will make you grow.

Use the CAPTCHA anti Spam system

If what you are looking for is a tool which helps you avoid problems with bots that in one way or another damage your page, you should only go to a system Anti Spam capacha, which is specially created for all WordPress systems and which is also one of the best options on the market to protect your page.

This system works in a simple way, since it helps to verify that each of the users who come to your page don’t be a bot. All this, through a sum, puzzle or small mental test, which will help the comments that start to be published on your page, be written only and only by humans.

If you like this idea, all you have to do is simple, since within WordPress, you will have the possibility to install and access a large number of plugins, which will help you do it at all times. Among those that we have tried and recommend, here we will leave you a small but very useful list so that you can find out about it:

  • reCaptcha by BestWebSoft
  • Simple Google reCAPTCHA

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You can choose to disable comments

Although this is only a radical measure that no content creator wants to reach, it is an option that we recommend if within your plans or page layout, you do not find the fact of using the comments section within your blog.

However, it is not recommended, since the comments are the place where you can meet with your users, get to know them and know if your content it’s having the effect you want.

Although this is a personal decisionWith the tools that we provide here, you will be able to do wonders with your page and avoid the dangers of the Internet.

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