How to Configure, Customize or Change the Start Menu in Windows 10, 8 and 7

Windows is the best known and most used operating system in the world, belonging to the Microsoft company, it has been on the market for more than 30 years with more than 1 billion users Using this operating system with a large number of versions, each one with better and worse acceptance by its customers in order to continue adapting more to their needs, its most recent version is Windows 10.

The Windows operating system for some may seem very comfortable to use since it offers a large number of functions that allow the user to carry out any action, in addition to having a guide on the official Microsoft website explaining step by step how to install Windows from scratch on your computer in case you do not have it .

And even if you want download an application or game For your computer, Windows offers you the alternative of being able to download apps through the Microsoft Store in an easy way.

What changes did the design of Windows have?

Despite the constant development of new software and operating system updates, Windows could not outgrow its interface design, it wasn’t until the Windows 8 version that the company decided to give a slight modification to the design of its system, eliminating its popular start menu found in the lower left part of the launch bar giving it a slightly more modern and even futuristic look.

windows on phone

Change that later they would modify again due to the dissatisfaction on the part of several users who were already familiar with the typical menu button, bringing it back in the version Windows 8.1, and in its later versions giving the option to choose between having the Windows start button or eliminating it.

However, there is a large number of users who are not satisfied with the appearance offered by said menu, demanding that the company a more customizable system, which the company was able to understand and accept, integrating the option to fully customize its menu in Windows 10.

How to configure, customize or change the Windows 10, 8 and 7 start menu

The Windows 10 menu, compared to its previous versions, offers extensive customization for its users, who will be able to modify options such as, change its size, or colors through a diverse color palette.

How to resize the menu

The Windows 10 start menu by default takes up half the screen from your computer, to change its size follow the following steps

  1. Open the Start Menu clicking the icon in the lower left or pressing the Windows button on your keyboard
  2. Move the cursor to the upper right corner of the menu click and hold when it changes shape to a double arrow
  3. Drag it up or down to resize the menu to your preference.

windows interface

Change menu colors

If you want to change the color of the Windows 10 menu you will have to go to the computer settings, then select the Personalization option and after that in colors, choose the color you want for the start menu, or you can also allow Windows choose the most suitable color automatically, based on the wallpaper on your desktop.

Pin and unpin apps from the menu

To be able to perform this function, you will only have to find the application you want to anchor, right click and choose the option “Pin to start” to bring up the application on the right side of the Windows start menu.

Customize icons and tiles in the menu

The applications and mosaics will be ordered automatically, giving it a larger size and positioning first to the most frequent applications and smaller than the ones you use the least. If you want to configure the order and size of these applications, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Start menu
  2. Right-click on the application or tile you want to modify and choose the option to “Change the size”
  3. choose the size you prefer from the options offered “small, medium, wide or large”

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