How to Configure Firefox to Open or Launch Web Pages in a Container or Containers

There are many browsers that we can use today, but the one that is really good and many users they prefer it par excellence: Mozilla FirefoxIt has many important features, which make it unique and an incredible option to use; it can also be downloaded very easily on your device.

This browser allows us to use containers, to improve our privacy. We will show you the best way to configure the containers, so that when you open your browser it starts directly in it.

What are Mozilla Firefox containers or containers?

Firefox is a recognized browser, which you can set as the default; for easier access to it. Firefox offers you to use the containers, which they are different tabs, which you can have separate from the storage, that is, place your favorite pages protected, since no tracking can enter the container pages.

When opening a page in this section, you will be able to keep all your information safe, everything you do in them will be saved temporarily and when one of them is closed, everything will be completely erased, leaving no trace of the data. An example of this is when entering a page like Facebook by opening it from a container, you will be able to keep the information separate from the other pages.

What you can do with these containers, is: Log in to several accounts at the same time, protect yourself from tracking, protect yourself with security (if something happens, only the container will be affected).

firefox configure container

It helps to hide pages while you work calmly in others, it also achieves that you organize in a better way, because it has options to move tabs, accommodating itself in the best way to carry out your activities.

How to activate the containers, to be able to use them when opening web pages?

To start configuring it, you can activate the full screen mode in Firefox, so you can do this process without making a mistake. The first thing to do is: Enter the browser, once here you must install the containers, entering the Mozilla online store.

When you find it, you must press “Download” and wait for it to load. To enter it we must click on the icon that appears at the top of the browser. Where you will see that a small window moves, press the + sign, to be able to insert new rules, then we will add the place that we need to be in the container.

There is also an option that says “No Container” where we will select the container we want, when doing so we click “Save”. It offers four options. Also, click on +, to be able to change the color and the icons, for each container also change the name of each one of them.

You can delete or edit it from the tabs section, press the menu, click on options, look for the “Tabs” section, press the “Settings” box, which is next to the option to activate container tabs. To open links in new tabs, press the right button and press “Open link in new container tabs”, select the one you want, making the tab open in the same container as the previous one.

Other things you need to know about Firefox containers

In this browser you have the ability to translate pages if they are in other languages ​​that you do not understand, thus allowing you to improve any activity you carry out. At the moment of opening a page we will see a colored line on the page, as well as the symbol you chose for the container, also the name of the container.

configure firefox to open or start container web pages

If you want to hide the container tabs. Press the icon and click on the arrow located in the corresponding container, in the menu that appears select “Hide this container”. These will disappear and if you want to restore them you can do it from the same menu.

Also for open new container tabs. You will open a new tab with the + sign, you can use the shortcut (Ctrl + T) to open a new tab in the default containers, to open a specific link in a container, click the right mouse button on the container , then choose “Open link in new container” and select the appropriate container from the menu.

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